Monday, July 30, 2012

"I ain't as young as I once was...."

Here we go again!
I'm back from a week long vacation and have spent the better part of today answering emails, phonecalls and booking appointments with some brand new, soon-to-be friends, wild and crazy Chumps. Can't wait to meet you newbies and am always anxious to pick back up with my existing Chumps and your ongoing projects.
But as much as I love all my precious chumps, I always look forward to spending time with my favorite fam.

Last week Sunday, at the last minute, Kennedy and I decided to agree with my nephews' challenge to bike with them up to our camping destination in Pentwater.  Kennedy and I had made the biking trek two years ago (blog archive) but had done absolutely no training for this almost 100 mile ride. When we heard the boys were game for it, we couldn't and wouldn't be left behind.
This picture was taken at 7:00 A.M. at our house.  Water bottles, some cash, a credit card (in case of emergency), maps and a positive attitude were all we were carrying with us. We would have to be determined to keep up with the boys which was no easy task knowing they would be on road bikes and we only had our hybrids.
Oh so pretty in our helmets. Ugh! I hate wearing it as much as my teenage daughter but safety first!  Just to be extra cheesy, we wrote our "numbers" on our arms..."125" for our address (starting point). "152" for our campsite (our destination). Look how much longer her legs are than mine. Double Ugh. So jealous. :)
And off we go....
We got to my nephews' house and took time to pose for a pic. Two years ago, Kennedy and I made the 98.2 mile trip in 11 hours.  I knew the boys would want to beat that time. Alex is on the right (age 17). Chase is on the left (age 15). 
First stop-Grand Haven.  We were making incredible time. It only took us an hour and 1/2 to get there.

The weather was beautiful and so far most of our route had been shaded and cool.  We were already out of all of the water in our bottles and camelbacks though. Time to refill.
Feeling refreshed after stopping for bagels at Panara in GH. Water bottles refilled and away we go.

Stopped at a Rite Aid near Whitehall for sports drinks.  Still feelin' pretty good but not looking forward to the dirt roads we'd be taking to avoid traveling down  busy Whitehall Road.
Do we have time to stop to ride a few rides at Michigan's Adventure? We were feeling the heat now!  The water rides were sounding pretty good at this point.

One more stop before lunch to refuel with some slushies! More than halfway now and still making great time.

Only three teenagers would choose to stop at Taco Bell for burritos on a bike ride. Yuck. :)

Posing for a picture and mocking Kennedy at the same time. This was the pose she struck two years ago at the end of the ride.  They are playin' it up. They were hardly feelin' any pain at this point. Me, on the other hand? Let's just say, I couldn't have been happier to have Pentwater welcoming me!

Just got off the bikes.  Shoes and shirts off. Hit the water and rinse off 90 some miles of sweat. We did it!

We made it in 9 hours!  We arrived at Charles Mear's State Park at 4:30! Lake Michigan never felt so good!

Team Boeve/Ockerse at site 152 after our dip.  Our humble abode in the background. Anticipating a week of fun and sun!

Assuming the position for the rest of the week. Aunt C. did lots of this as well!

Not too tired or sore to rent some paddle boards for the day on Tuesday.  Brecken and I out cruising Pentwater Lake. My next new obsession. Saving up for one of own now!

Next year...paddle boarding the distance from Ottawa Beach to Charles Mears'. (smile).
I was often reminded on that bike ride and the 10 mile run that Alex and I did on Saturday morning of one of my favorite old country songs...
"I ain't as young as I once WAS, but I'm as young ONCE as I ever was".

Thanks for putting up with yet another personal post.  I promise I'll get back to work. Just not today. Hoping you Chumps are experiencing some summer fun as well!


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