Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time for a Facelift

Don't have much time for words tonight (that's gotta be a first for me), but I wanted to post some pics of our spring project that we finally (almost) completed.  Our garage was an addition put on in the late 1980's by previous owners.  The aluminum siding was dented and dinged from wear and tear and basketball playing over the years.  We were able to replace our asphalt driveway last fall and love having the new cement but I felt like the front of our garage was still somewhat on an eyesore.  Ken wasn't as motivated to replace it but now is very glad that we did.
We did away with the angled corners and repainted the garage doors.  We retrimmed the doors with a Miratec-like exterior product-(it's late...I can't think of the product name) and used that same product to hang board and batten strips. I painted everything the same color as the stucco on the sides and front of our house. (Sherwin William's "Adaptive Shade").
Here's the work in progress.  It literally was pretty much all in a day's work. Might've had it wrapped up sooner if not for the rain! Go hubby!

The pictures don't do justice to how dirty and dingy the garage doors looked before a fresh coat of paint. In fact, I had several people ask me if I had gotten new garage doors. last sneak peek of another spring project that was super satisfying and not so time-consuming. Rolling out a new backyard...
This is a small section of our yard behind our pool area that we've had trouble deciding how to finish. It used to be home to our gigantic play structure, but now that our girls are in their teens, we've 'gifted' that beast to our neighbors, (so we still get to see the monstrocity but don't have to have it in our yard). :)
My neighbor, "Fabes" and I got a truckload of sod for both our yards one Friday morning and had it all unrolled and in place by noon that day. I LOVE projects that are instantly gratifying!

I guess it would've been more effective to show you the completed project, which I am hoping to do soon, but with the dry summer we've had, it's been quite the task to make sure it all stayed green. I'll post pictures soon of our entire backyard. We're getting there, one small step at a time.

"Fabes" hard at work. I love my neighbors!


Kerita said...

You really made a good job in repainting your garage. I can see the big improvements from the pictures. It seems that it was done by a professional painter. It is really gratifying to see how your efforts resulted to a stunning outcome like this. And as the owner of this garage and house, it really gives a sense of accomplishment to realize that you’ve been a part of this beautiful transformation.

Kerita Kantz

Sharron Folkes said...

Your new garage doors certainly updated the look of your house. True, the angled corners was outdated. It's a good thing you replaced them. By the way, that's an amazing paint job! :)

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