Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sneak Preview

I know, I know...I'm jumping the gun on this one, but I was so eager to see how this project was progressing, I snapped a few photos to show you a sneak preview of this master bedroom addition before it is officially completed. We're about a week away from inspection and both Lynda, my client and I are are pleased with how everything is coming together.
This Pottery Barn bedding is the inspiration that we used to determine style and color scheme that would be used throughout the space, which consists of a master bedroom, bath, walk-in closet, small sitting room and additional half bath.  Lynda wanted it to feel clean and serene and a place where she and her husband could go to retreat from the wonderful noise of her four fabulous kids.

I dug deep into my magic bag of tricks- AKA, my canvas striped bag that holds all my paint chips, and retrieved an old favorite...Martha Stewart's "Deep Linen".  I had used this color in a previous house that we built and knew it to be a light, airy, goldish/tan without being washed out or too saturated.  Here you can see the color up against the decorative trim we had installed in the hallway that leads into the bedroom area.

This is the peaceful setting that is the view on the west wall of the bedroom.  We ordered matchstick roman shades for these windows and the king sized bed with wicker headboard will be to the left.

I know it's hard to picture with things only partially completed, but these chairs will be at the foot of the bed with a round, black table in between.  This view is to the north (back of the house) and will be a relaxing spot to unwind at the end of the day.  (No, that's not a driveway back there...only a temporary spot for contractors to park).

Props to Lynda's Uncle Gene, who built this piece from a picture that I googled off the internet!  It will be the console table to hold the flat screen t.v. 

Again, thanks to Uncle Gene and crew for being able to look at a picture ripped from a magazine and build it to specs...but better!
This is the 'mini mudroom' wall that will be used to hang pool towels, goggles and odds and ends as kids come in from the pool/hot tub area.

Obviously, we're waiting on mirrors and accessories, but Lynda and I both love the "Marzipan" green that is also a Martha Stewart color that has been in my paint bag for 8 years! 

Bad lighting + Cheap camera=Horrible picture

Sorry, but I still wanted to show you the cute little room that sits in between the 1/2 bath and the hallway into the master bedroom. This is still part of the master bedroom suite, but sits further down the hall and really is, (in spite of what the picture shows), a bright, inviting spot.  We have an antique hutch coming and a fun, quirky black and cream chair that will be in here. The wall color is a deeper blue-ish green...another color we chose inspired by the PB bedding palatte.

This His/Hers setup in the bathroom is so functional.  Lynda is excited to be able to take over her side of the bathroom and let Bryan have his way with the other half.  :)

Another shot of Lynda's side...see how it 'steps down' to the vanity area?

One more pic of her side with lovely Lynda in the mirror!  Hee hee. Sorry girlfriend!

Bryan's side....missing drawer to be added soon. :)

We coordinated the mosiac tile in both the tub area and walk in shower.  We selected a darker brown tile for practical reasons and so that we'd have a contrast from our creamy white cabinets and woodwork. 

Another creative custom cabinet by Uncle Gene.  Great use of space between the water closet and shower.
Walk-in closet area off the master bath.  We used dark walnut stained pieces in all the areas to unify the spaces. Sooo jealous of your closet, Lynda!

And last, but certainly not least, apparently this was the mascot that watched over the construction of this wing.  Well, done Ronald.  Keep checking back for photos of this project 'staged' and ready for occupancy.


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