Thursday, February 3, 2011

All In the Family

If I've said it once, I've said it a million of my favorite things about my job is getting to know new clients who become my friends.  Remember my post about my friend Debbi, better known to me and a few others as "DC"?  Well, the next blog entry (master bedroom addition) was the project I'm working on with her sister-n-law Lynda, and ironically, this particular post is about her other sis-n-law, Sarah.  It's 6 degrees of separation (and much less in this instance) with my business.  I LOVE the fact that most of my clients are connected to other clients, other sisters, cousins, co-workers, etc.  It's a massive game of "Dutch Bingo" here in West Michigan and I love to play!
Well, yesterday, Sarah calls me in a panic to say that she needed a unique baby shower gift and inquired if I had an approprite sign for the occasion.  Because I've been so busy, I don't have a ton of inventory on hand, especially signs, because I find that people like to specify size and color.  However, because I love my "Baby Z"- Sarah...(yes, I know, I have nicknames for everyone)....I wanted to make her something to give her friend.
I started by painting over a board I already had.  It was originally painted red.  I chose my favorite creamy white color, Benjamin Moore, "Ivory White" you can see, I use it often and  typically go through a gallon every couple of months.  Good to the last drop...

I printed out a saying that I googled off the internet about 'Baby Quotes' and printed it in a favorite font, "Pea Henner".  I then cut the words apart and spaced them out to fit two different sized boards in landcape and portrait.

I use black carbon paper to trace the saying onto the board and outline with a paint marker.  This is the carbon copy.

This isn't how I do all my signs.  I cut stencils for most of them, but with a thin font this technique works the best. 

When I'm finished painting, I distress the edges with my sander and 'dry brush' stain over the whole thing to age it a bit.

I'll be bringing the vertical one to the store this weekend to sell.

Sarah also wondered if I had anything different or quirky to put it in and I had just the antique wire basket with some burlap that I bought at an estate sale.  She and her friend are going to fill it with books, and other little gifts for the new mom-to-be.
Thanks for you support of my business, Debbi, Lynda and Sarah...You're a special family and I "Love you all the numbers in the world"! :)

Here's a scrap piece of wood I found lying in our garage in a stack of reclaimed boards.  I loved the old patina on it so I traced a saying that I had printed a while ago...I had the supplies I just kept going.

My daughter, Brecken didn't see the same beauty that I saw in the worn wood and said, "Oh, Mom. I would never buy that one"!  Maybe she's right, but what did I have to lose?

One thing she did approve of was this heart that I made out of an old chenille bedspread.  She claimed this one for her bedroom, but I'm hoping to bring a few smaller ones to "Not So Shabby" at some point.

I think I'm finally ready to part with my dining room lamp. I have matching parsons chairs that were slipcovered in this exact fabric, so I am so hesistant to sell this lamp knowing that I can't find the same fabric again.  Someone once asked me if it's hard to let go of some pieces and most often the answer is no.  I am not very attached to things, but whoever bought the amazing bluish/green chenille spread at this year's tag sale...I want it back! :) 

Now I'll leave you with a preview of spring.  After our mini blizzard yesterday, I found myself appreciating the reminders of a new season that gets uncovered after a dark, cold winter. Every year (in the four years that we've been at this house, a robin builds a new nest in the rung of an old antique ladder that hangs from my neighbor's ivy covered detached garage. Every year after the baby robins are hatched, I remove the nest and put it on display.  This year, a leftover egg is an added suprise and a symbol of new life.  Think Spring!


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