Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

I got new carpet yesterday!!  I have been waiting, (some days more patiently than others), since the day we moved in to this new-to-us/old house to replace the out-dated,  flat, and uncomfortable white (evolving to 'dirty white)', basement-looking berber. As with most home improvement projects, one thing always leads to another, and what started with one decision, lead to quite a few more.  "We better retrim the room while we're putting the carpet in...we better paint the existing trim in some areas...we better paint the walls to give it a fresh look...we better replace the old white coverlet with new bedding....we better repaint some furniture pieces to match the new look.....we better freshen up the paint in the other areas where the new carpet in going....etc. etc. 


Okay, so I have to admit that the 'before' picture was taken on the day we were prepping the room to paint, so it did look pretty horrible. I usually have it put together a little nicer than that, but makes for a more effective transformation I guess.
Notice we moved the bed from the left side wall to the area in front of the doors to our balcony.  This might pose a problem in the spring, but I am loving how much bigger the room feels to me!  Note:  new carpet!!  I'm sooo happy!!

This picture below is the same wall as above. I moved the armoire to the where the headboard used to be.

This fabric on the duvet cover, I bought at a garage sale...(new fabric) for $7.00. I never even thought of using it for this new color scheme, but I pulled it out last night because it tied the grey/blue bedding in with the brown of the carpet.

Yucky Berber....bye bye!

I just put this floor mirror up here temporarily. I am going to hang a really large one on that same wall.


Okay, so this pic. isn't officially an 'after' of that same wall.  I didn't take a picture of the hallway shot because I am waiting to reupholster an antique settee for that long wall.  I'll show you that when it's done.
Notice though, that I did end up painting the armoire a more muted shade of blue.  I found a quart of the paint in the mistake pile at  Zeeland ACE hardware for $5.

This isn't a great shot, but on the opposite wall of the mirror, is where I am planning on putting that settee.
Compare these two pictures. Find one thing that was changed. Which one do you like better?

Some other angles:

Wierd lighting, but kinda cool.

Running Total for the bedroom Makeover:
New Wall Paint: $33
Paint for Armoire: $5
New Bedding-on sale at Target-$70
New Drapes-T.J. Maxx-$20
Baseboard Trim: $100
Trim Paint: $30
Grand Total: $258
Room for Change-"Where a Little Change Goes a Long Way".

(I reused all my wall art, pillows, fabric, end tables and lamps and furniture.  Looking to add new closet doors, and a few more funky pillows that my sister Laurie is making. I didn't figure in carpet, because that was purchased to the stairwell and landing and didn't come out of the bedroom budget.)

Ikea frames with our house numbers that I printed.

Smiley Brecken Riley enjoying our comfy, cozy carpet!  She  took these pictures while I was putting my room back together. She discovered an area on our back deck where the snow had melted into the shape of a heart!  Happy early Valentine's Day from Brecken (and me too)! 


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the pillow changed!
i like the warm/gold one best...adds a little contrast punch :)

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