Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garage Time

I finally found some time to work in the garage this weekend.  I've been so busy with clients' remodeling projects, that I haven't had any time for painting.  So, after sweeping out the slush and cranking up the propane heater, I finished some things that had been shelved for over a month. This chair was part of a set that a client dropped off for me to paint creamy white.  She is going to have this chair reupholstered and the matching rocking chair fabric left as is.  I didn't snap a picture of the the rocker before it was painted, but here's the 'after'...

Isn't the original fabric great?
You can see in the picture, the other chair with the ripped fabric is in the background...but here's the after of that one too....

Here's a couple shots of an antique nightstand that my Father-n-law found for me.  I was anxious to get some black paint on this one and see the transformation.  If you look closely at this picture, you can see that the top of it was badly warped.  Some of the drawers needed straightening as well.  That's a job that's beyond my wood working skills, so Ken to the rescue again...

The hardware appears to be brass, but it's really a worn antique bronze.  I'm tempted to keep this piece to use as a nightstand for my bedroom makeover that is in process.  More to come on that.

These little tables were mysteriously left in my garage about a month ago. I LOVE getting surprises from the 'Furniture Fairy".  This time it turned out to be my 'Feighbors, ("Friends/Neighbors...I know..I know... really cheesy, but that's really what we call each other..."Fabes)"!  Anyway, they were cleaning out their cabin, and left me with these treasures.  I pictured this one in black as well.  I'm finding that if I intend to sell these pieces in my booth at the store, I am better off painting them neutral, (white or black).  The vibrant, off-beat colors sure are fun and trendy, but have a limited buying audience.  So, Benjamin Moore black wood/metal enamel is MVP again.

(I spy Ken's leg in the background...he'd kill me if he discovered I got a shot of his 90's "painter's paints jeans"-his workshop uniform!  Hee hee.) There's no sense of fashion around here on a Saturday afternoons!

I think this one will make such a cute little phone stand.  Both these tables are heading to "Not So Shabby" this week. 

I bought this chair at an estate sale in Allegan about a month ago.  I liked it because it was really sturdy and I thought the scrolled edges would be cute paired with a desk in a little girl's room. 
I'm tempted to stencil the back of it with a matching flower, but I don't want to limit the buyer to always having that fabric design on it.  Changing out the fabric is such an easy way to personalize this kind of chair and it can be done to match any room decor.
 Ohhh, I'm gonna stencil it anyway.  It needs something more, don't ya think?
This custom sign was ordered by a friend of mine who just became a Grandma!  Congrats Michele!
I used the same stencil on a rustic board to give as a baby gift to another friend who's expecting and due this week. (Oh, Mandy I hope you're not reading this-you haven't opened it yet). :)

And...that's my weekend in review.  I can't wait to show you pictures of my bedroom remodel, but I am waiting on carpet.  Should be sometime in the next week. Stay tuned....


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