Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day/Week

Labor Day became "Labor Week" for me with all the projects I had sitting in my garage waiting to be tackled. My Dad used to say, "First we work...then we play".  I took his advice to heart this week, knowing I wanted to enjoy a long weekend with my family and friends without things hanging over my head. Here's a small sampling of what I labored over:

Simple two minute project:  Stenciling "Bloom" on this vase.

Painting a bedroom set that was originally oak:

There were two of these.

  There was a headboard with this set that I painted black as well.  Once again, I am in love with my Benjamin Moore Ironclad Black enamel.  It was a good paint week.

I'm still having fun covering lamp shades.  I used a different base with this one.  I actually reused the scalloped ribbon for the bottom trim.It was quite brittle and old, but worked well with the colors in the new fabric. Bonus.

This shade I used for a floor lamp that was oak.  I used a black satin spray paint to update the look.  This one's in my family room now. 

Sign orders keep rolling in.  So fun to see what phrases/quotes you guys come up with!

This one was for my precious niece Kaia Lynn, whom we lovingly call Lynnie Lu.  This little ditty is what her daddy sings to her every night.  It was her birthday last week.

All in all, a busy work week, but all my tasks were done by Friday and I spent the last weekend of summer "playing" with family and friends.  Happy Labor Day! 


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