Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bandwagon

Okay, I admit....I jumped on the bandwagon.  I HAD to have one of these rustic industrial carts that they used (and still use) in some warehouses to haul junk.  I found this one at an estate sale in Allegan a few weekends ago and with the seller's help, pieced this thing together from two separate carts. (The wheels weren't on this one originally). 
I've used this style cart before on two other occasions in sunrooms for clients, (I posted the pics on the blog a while ago).  They all turn out unique and each with it's own character.  This one I wanted for myself...
However, this 100 year old bungalow that I live in, isn't accomodating when it comes to bigger pieces. Foiled again.

It was covered in some kind of pink gook before I sanded it down.

LOVE my orbital sander.  In fact, Ken had to order a replacement part for it, because I had worn it down from overuse!  Now, it's better than ever.

After I sanded it, I washed it really well, and simply applied low luster polyurethane to it to finish it off.  I didn't want to stain it dark because I knew the coat of poly would automatically darken it.
I love how the beauty of the piece still shows through...even though it's been through the ringer, the charm is still there.  I guess that's what I love so much about God.  He sees me the same way I see this piece....with great beauty and potential...He even finds me charming in spite of all my dents and dings!  Amazing!!!

Once again, my camera doesn't do this justice.  And I would've showed it off in a finished off living room setting if I could've lifted the thing!!  It weighs a ton!  If I don't sell it out of my garage in the time being, it will be for sale at this year's tag sale in November.  More details about that big event to come!! Stay tuned....


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