Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can I get an "Amen"?

What a good reminder!  My friend ordered this sign for her son's room.  It's based on one of his favorite bible verses.  I like the simplicity of this font and this advice!  Easier said than done, right?  At least it is for me.

This hutch I found at Allegan (not the antique show, but a garage sale near there).  I think it will be so stinkin' cute in a little girl's room.  I like it with or without the top hutch piece.  Look for it at this year's tag sale or my booth at "Not So Shabby" downtown Zeeland.

The price was right on this chair I found while biking one day on the south side of town.  I wasn't intending to garage sale, but I couldn't NOT stop. I ended up finding three huge pieces in addition to this, so back with the van I went.  I could see it looking cute and 'shabby' with a coat of soft white paint.

Again, a little change goes a long way.

I think this is the 4th drop leaf table I've bought this year. I love how versatile these tables are. I've had one for about ten years now, and I've always found a place for it somewhere.  In this house, it's on my front sunporch and on summer nights, we actually do put up the side leaves and eat dinner out there.  I liked the patina on this one, but it was really dull and chalky to the touch.

Okay, this one is a toss up.  I might've liked the 'before' better.  It didn't take the stain evenly, but it does look better in person. 

Isn't she a thing of beauty?
A few months ago, I received a text message from a number I didn't have in my phone.  The message simply asked, "Do you want this dresser?"  Well, I am desperately in need of a new cell phone and the picture looked pretty good. I said, "Sure, I'll take it!" not knowing what condition it was in, or who even sent it for that matter!  A few weeks later, I was working in the garage and over walks my next door neighbor carrying this beast.  He laughed when I told him that I didn't know it was him who had texted me about this.
But I got the last laugh when it turned out as great as it did!
Thanks Tim!  Keep 'em coming buddy!

This one was another mystery.  I was shopping at an antique mall in Holland and came across this odd looking 'workbench'.  I loved the stain color and the character of the piece and could see great potential in the original table. 

Ken took off the added on drawers and is going to repurpose them into a cubby shelf wall unit.  I cleaned it all up and bri-waxed the top and it's ready to go!
The sides are so cool!  The come from a track along the bottom and lift up into place so easily. 

As you can see, I almost forgot to snap a before picture of this ugly duckling.  I should've opened the doors so you could see that this antique side table houses an old record player and on the right side, a radio.  The bottom doors were for speakers and only one side actually opens, but again, for the price, I couldn't walk away.
I used a black and white mini floral pattern to cover the bottom doors.  The grid over the fabric was original to the piece as were the handles on the doors up top.  I think it's quirky and cute.  Might not be a practical piece, but it's a great conversation piece!

And sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone.  I found this dresser at a Goodwill in Ludington on a rainy camping day.  Had to have it for the color and the hardware!  Ken was jones'n to fix the bottom drawer, but I didn't want to let him.  Sometimes we have to love people (and things) just the way they are!


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