Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

I feel as lazy as Libby when it comes to hot summer days!  Actually I've been quite busy and I thought it was about time that I showed you some things other than paint, paint and more paint. I just HAD to take a pic. of Libby after she stuffed herself into the pillowcase of the pillow that was in her cage. I think her shredding the pillow was her way of agreeing that I've been too busy to play and go for walks.  She was far too cute to punish for that.

I've been putting some things together for a friend's wedding at the end of July.  She is getting married on the beach and everything is going to be casual, beachy, bright and simple.  Below is a picture of Brecken (my 10 year old), putting together some guest cards made out of white cardstock and colorful strips of scrapbook paper.  At the reception, we'll have guest write their well-wishes on the cards and hang them from rope stretched across the wall by the entrance.  We'll put them in a photo album next to their pics for a nice keepsake and recording of who attended.

The bright pink bride and groom cards will be attached to bright lollipops that will sit in mini buckets of sand for guests to take home.  (See buckets below).  I found 40 galvanized tin buckets at a garage sale earlier this spring. They were brand new. Unfortunately, I snagged them from a bride-to-be that never made it down the aisle. Oops.

Here's Brecken helping me put together some pinwheels.  We're going to put these in the sand leading to where the bride and groom will stand and around the make-shift gazebo. 
I used bright colored scrapbook paper in the colors that will coordinate with what the bridesmaids are wearing.  I glued two different patterns back to back using "Mod-Podge".  Spray adhesive would work too, but I didn't have any at the time.  You cut diagonally from each corner inward and stop about 2 inches from the center.  You then fold every other corner down toward the center.  Super simple.  Hold together with a tack or decorative pin.

Here's how the pinwheels turn out.  All I need to add now is the sticks.  I buy them from Hobby Lobby, cut them in half and spray paint them white.  Here's some that I made before.  I've used them for centerpieces for graduation parties, birthdays and my friend Abby has them hanging in each of her dining room windows from ribbon.  Festive and fun way to add some pizazz without spending a lot.

I thought this was a cute idea too. Abby gave me a b-day gift last week and brought it over in this unique little gift bag.  Sorry this picture isn't the best, but this tiny little pinwheel is too creative!!
There are so many other places to add the backs of chairs, to a little girls room instead of pennants, placed inside mason jars and used on an indoor sunporch...make them out of fabric and add them to t-shirts, lampshades, or scarves.  See Martha Stewart's website for additional directions. 

I had to give my pets equal screen time.  Kennedy just returned from Camp Geneva last week, and Brecken left today for camp.  I guess Esker didn't want to be left out.  Sorry Esker, maybe next time.


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So cute Christy!
Too bad I didn't know you before I got married...I probably would have had cuter wedding decor!

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