Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back in Black

This was the piece that we found at the Pentwater Village Garage Sales in June.  I don't even want to tell you what we paid for it, in case I want to resell it!  Hee hee!  It was a big ol' mess when we bought it.  It had a glass door, with a beat up drawer that was in pieces.  I had Ken repurpose it for me to use at my booth at the store, "Not So Shabby".  We brought it down there the other night and it's a great way to house all the little accessories that made my booth feel too cluttered. 

A shot of the before and after of a dining set that I finished last week.  I actually did two in the past week and a half.  I'll post the other one next time.

I have a love/hate relationship with this Benjamin Moore black paint.  I think I posted before that I've used this paint for the last 10 years, but just lately it's given me some trouble with large pieces.  It's supposed to have a self-primer built into it, but I'm finding that it doesn't cover as smoothly or roll out as nicely across the tops of tables.  It is really unforgiving if you try to double back and smooth out the roller marks.  I love it for small items and metal.  I think when this can is done, I may leave my first love and see what else is out there.  (No, not a metaphor for my life right now).

Then I paint a piece like this one, and I absolutely love the sheen.  As usual, I'm very indecisive.

And, last but not least...."Happy Birthday to me".  You know when I posted the picture of my backyard deck, and I was hinting to my husband that I wanted a pergola built over that area for my birthday?  Well, that didn't exactly happen, much to my pleasant surprise, because this is the before and after of what I got for my b-day in July...

My old Mongoose mountain bike that I've had for 15 years.

My new "Giant" hybrid.  I LOVE this bike. My family got it all tricked out for me with a speedometer, cell phone bag, and water bottle.  Kennedy got a new bike too and we are having so much fun biking long distance together.  The first night we made it almost from Grand Haven to my sister's house on Holland's northside, but Kennedy hit a tree, a deer almost hit me, and it was pitch black on the path so we called it quits.  We'll try again soon.  The pergola will have to wait 'til next year. 


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