Monday, June 7, 2010

Workshop or Garage?

This is what our garage looks like on any random day, especially after a garage-sale-ing Saturday! I couldn't wait to get started on painting some of these pieces. 

This coffee table I've had for about 6 years.  I like the size because I can move it around from room to room easily.  I've grown tired of the dark finish though and wanted to give it a new look.

I decided to sand it down, leaving the top natural, and paint, rather than stain the legs.  As you can tell by the top of it, my girls had some fun using it as part of their 'stage' downstairs.  Many a pair of high heels have strutted their stuff on the top of the piece!

After I power sanded the top and sides, I washed it all and used light brown colored "Bri-Wax" to finish it off.  I love this product.  A friend I taught with years ago introduced me to Bri-Wax, (thanks Kelly) and I love using it to finish off painted pieces that have a flat sheen.  It protects and polishes painted and stained furniture. 

The scars from the girls' high heels only added to the character of the finished product!


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