Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Pickin'!

Call us crazy, but this past Saturday, "The Zeeland Pickers" set our alarm clocks for 6 A.M and headed up to Pentwater, Mi. for their annual village wide garage sales!!  We're usually up there camping during their sale weekend, but this year we made the trek without the camper.  We definitely could've used a trailer though to haul back what we found! 

Here's a picture of Ken trying to
strap a vintage settee and armoire to the top of our mini van!  I found three more fabulous pieces that I begged him to throw up top as well, but he was already nervous about this arrangment!
It was an hour and 10 minute drive home, so the next four sales we hit, we were asking for straps, ropes and bungee cords!  We rolled home looking like the Beverly Hillbillies!

Here's the treasures laid out in our driveway.  Our neighbors could only shake their heads and laugh!


new deRoo home--312 e. Central Avenue said...

this neighbor is drooling!

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