Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This post is sooo last year. 
Well, not really last year, but last month already! Summer is just flying by and I am forever trying to balance work and play. In June, I was able to do both by surprising my husband by showing up in Chicago at the furniture design show, NeoCon, Before you think that's kind of a dicey thing to do, let me reassure you that for the past 5 years he has begged me to join him down there, but 'something suddenly' seems to come up every time I plan on it. Well, this year, I hung around town long enough to attend lots of great graduation open houses of Kennedy's classmates, but then I took the train from Michigan City (Dunes Park Station-which I highly recommend) and walked to The Merchandise Mart to join the chaotic masses of people perusing the show. 
I searched for Ken for over an hour (and in one embarrassing plot twist was asking the front desk people at Herman Miller to look for him for me----He works at Haworth)!!
Needless to say, he was speechless when he saw me walk up to him. 
I  had such a fun time exploring the city by day and then again with him at night. We only get down there once or twice a year, and now that I know how simple (and cheap!) it is to take the train in, I will for sure join him next year again. 
I ran/walked many miles in the morning and loved being so close to Lakeshore Drive and Navy Pier. 

 View on my morning run! So beautiful!
 All dressed up and no where to go. Ha! Certainly a different kind of night out compared to our mid twenties on Rush Street!
This was earlier that day in one of the wood flooring showrooms. I loved this herringbone pattern and thought most of the displays were so gorgeous!
Here I was EVEN earlier that day, kicking back with a good book and a cup of joe.

Here are some assorted displays/booths that caught my eye. I loved the clean, simple aesthetic and the pop of color here and there. 

 Thought this was cool. This was in the Haworth booth-tvs framed with black metal to look like an art gallery wall.

 Bolts of fabric became an eye catching wall display. 

 I loved this look for a hospital or doctor/dentist office setting:

 I'm just a small town girl, but I have to admit, for that half a week, I really appreciated and loved the big city. 
Thanks for putting up with my throwback post. I am trying to catch up on all the pics I've taken this summer and it's getting away from me. Hope you enjoyed a relaxing, meaningful weekend with friends or family or both.
 Happy July!


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