Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Allegan Antiques

 Here's a messy before and a messy after pic of a fireplace for a ranch remodel that I've been a part of since this past winter. I have loved working with the homeowners, Missy and Jim (in fact, they reminded me a lot of the cool couple, Pam and Mark that I just wrote about on the previous blog). Super fun, open to new ideas, very thorough with attention to detail- all with great taste! The perfect recipe for a great collaboration on an extensive project (which both were). Missy just texted me an update last week on how things were coming along over there and I hope to be able to take post project pics sometime soon! 
 Years ago, they had painted the dark brick surrounding the fireplace white. We liked it but we wanted to take it the next step and update even further. 
Joanna Gaines and I could be the "ship lap" sisters...I LOVE using ship lap and found several applications to use it in Missy's house alone.
 We lightened up the walls with a beige/taupe color and had all new painted trim installed to replace the oak. 
 Here's a quick peek at where we introduced more ship lap..from floor to ceiling in the back entry/mudroom. (The striped wallpaper was how it was before). Doors are replaced now to white. 

 You'll also notice that the doorway has been cut into. The back entry used to be arched there, and I begged Jim to let us take the arch out and raise it up as tall as we could (in my opinion the arch was too low and made both the kitchen and mudroom feel smaller). He let me and I think he would agree it was the right thing to do. :)
Here are their oak kitchens before:
Here they are mid-project!
 I can't wait to show you the completed space! You'll notice we raised the cabinet height and added crown molding. We kept the kitchen's original layout but had new cabinet doors built and painted. 

I'm also halfway through an amazing farmhouse remodel. Emily and I are becoming great friends with our weekly, sometimes twice weekly meetings and coffee dates discussing selections. Below is a wall that we are so proud of and that is just a hint of all the incredible salvage pieces we found out at their farm and are using for architectural interest in many (almost all of the rooms). 
We found these boards in one of their barns and we had Cal (her husband) power spray them slightly to clean them up but not to lose the character. Jon Vander Mass  (a very credible builder who has done lots of downtown Zeeland historical home remodels) is building this house and he and his trimmer are amazing!!! 
This is the wall of the sunken living room/playroom and a large flat screen t.v. will be mounted onto the wood. The bottom cubbies will have sliding barn doors on them will hold the components for the t.v. 
I told you I would post some pics from last month's Allegan Antique Market and here are a few. Ken and I didn't make it down there this past week as we were enjoying some fun and sun up at a friend's cottage overnight. 
We talked Cherie and Robert (my sister and brother in law) to come with us to Allegan that day and the weather was perfect! They were on the hunt for a desk for their son and future daughter in law's apartment and we spotted one right away! Score! 
All I came home with is a rustic trough/wood centerpiece for my dining table. I'll have to show you a pic of that soon. 
One of my fave booths there:


 ha ha ha ha ha!!! :)

(Ken's holding the wooden trough in his arm-he buys and carries for me. What a guy)!
'Til next time Champs!


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