Monday, February 15, 2016

Manic Monday

Super random and manic post today. I've gotten a bit of a second wind this gloomy afternoon in the mitten after a morning of cleaning and painting. 
I'm working on some sign orders and invoicing and thought I'd take a break to blog. 
I was opening up some folders of pics that I had filed from last year and thought I'd just post most of what I found in one. 
These photos must have been downloaded from my phone when I was out and about looking for some furniture items for a client. Can't even remember who it was at the time, but I still like most of these selections, so I thought I'd post them and see if you do too. Of course I'm not going to remember all the sources and locations, but maybe you can recognize a few as we go.
I'm absolutely infatuated with this updated wing back chair style-and the nailhead trim on the arms...makes it even more bling-a-licious! I can picture these in front of a fireplace or next to each other like this, perpendicular to a sofa and across from a loveseat. Or how about four of them in a circle with a huge rustic drum coffee table in between?
 This might've been UBU in Grandville. I liked these geometric mirrors. These would look great down a stairwell or in a foyer. 
 I like this slight barrel back style as well. Lower in general so it makes sense to use these if you're walking into the room and see these from the backside. The smaller scale makes something like this a nice choice for smaller homes like mine. 
 This was Heggs and I've wanted this piece for so long now to use in my back family room. I will try to talk Ken into making me one for my bday this year, as I haven't really seen any cheaper than $600.
 Cute style and cute fabric. Would look even better in a dark charcoal with contrast welt, (like the arm of the chair you see above).
I think I snapped this pic in my sister Laurie's lower level of her new house. Totally forgot about loving this countertop until it was time to finish off our laundry room and I asked for a cheap remnant piece of laminate counter top at Carpet Bonanza and this is one they had available! Score!
 Beveled white 3x6 subway tile. I think this was at sis' house too. Always a timeless, classic choice.
 Loved these drapes for the subtly of pattern and the taller luxury length. West Elm perhaps?
 Okay, sometime I feel like words and letters are overdone, (wait, who am I kidding? I can't get enough of lettering and typography). I especially loved that these are functional. 
 These on a metal rod. Interesting twist.
 I saw this in a magazine and I snapped a pic because I want to make this sign for my niece Kaia who owns and rides horses. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but glad to have stumbled upon the inspiration.

Mirrors at Hobby Lobby. I actually have the one below above my fireplace and I love it.

I'll never get sick of quartz. Isn't this one amazing?
 I think I had this canvas below in mind for one of my client's dining walls. It would look great over a buffet or even in a bathroom.

I've had this long narrow table in mind for someone for so long now. Haven't had the chance to use it yet, but it would look great in a family room or especially long entry wall.
World Market
 Random World Market eye candy.

You know I'm a sucker for round drum shades. Won't have it any other way, but I'm especially fond of the texture of this one and the rustic wood base. This is a small one, so it would be used for a desk area or small dresser/end table.
 LOVE, LOVE LOVe this one and wish I could justify purchasing it for my own house. I don't need it to use it, but I do want it to look at. :) Maybe Brecken's bedroom? Lord knows she needs help organizing her life!!
 My two addictions....pillows and throws! 

And who doesn't love HOME GOODS??

 Loved this sectional. Don't love the size or look of the ottoman with it, but Brummel's isn't really known for their showroom. (Look at the lampshades...need I say more)? I do love their service and furniture but they need a little help with staging. :)

"You've been consulted" Ken would say. That's his new response if I ever share unsolicited design advice or opinions (which I'm ashamed to admit is quite often). :)

Also, shameless plug for Easter sign orders. Let me know if you'd like to order one of these. I can do them on barn wood too. $15 painted. $20 barnwood


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