Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What's black & white and blue all over?

I have just a couple of minutes to post some pics of our relaxing weekend up north and the incredible cottage/home where we crashed! Our friends Dave and Deb researched this amazing place for four of us couples to rent on Lake Leelanau. It was about 20 minutes north of Traverse City in "wine country"-or at least wine county. :)
We had such a fun weekend playing games, eating, resting, shopping and wine tasting. 
I highly recommend this 'rental' property, which made all of us drooling and wishing we had the means to own a place like this on a beautiful lake. 
I also wish I could say I had a hand at decorating this treasure, but I can't take any credit. 
This designer/homeowner left no stone unturned and didn't miss a trick. 
Simply Stunning. 
Notice all the black/white selections with just a few different shades of blue throughout.

I loved how fresh/current and yet traditional it seemed to feel. Weird that I could feel both-but it was a great blend of stained wood/warmth paired with cooler greys/urban fixtures and taupe walls. This home goes for a pretty penny during the prime summer months but for us it felt fairly reasonable splitting the cost between friends. It ended up being cheaper than Traverse City hotel rooms we've paid for. 
We thought it was too late to see all the Michigan leaves changing colors but that ended up being perfect timing as well. 
It was a beautiful road trip, with beautiful friends enjoying a beautiful home amidst beautiful fall colors. 
You cant' beat that. 

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend as well. 



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