Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

I keep telling myself that I shouldn't go as long as I do between blog posts, but something always seems to come up. I miss communicating with you Champs and Instagram just doesn't seem to feel the same as meeting you here. If you're missing me like I miss you, check out my almost daily insta posts at: room4change_ or my personal page: christyboeve

Here's what I've been up to these past few weeks along with dragging around a head cold that doesn't seem to go away. Ugh!

Helping you with interior selections. Mostly master bath remodels right now for some reason. 
 Cranking out custom sign orders:
 Visiting with you for home consults and shamelessly taking pics of things you've bought from me: (signs from Peddler's Market)

 Painting furniture and accessories for you:

Shopping for me and you:

 Trying to squeeze in some fall fun with family:
 Painting/Staining these gems that Ken made:

I had him make two because I thought I would keep one for myself but it doesn't match well with my pine floors.  Who wants this one? $375.  It's 37 1/2 wide by 85 inches long. Grey stained farmstyle table- Email me if interested. christyboeve@yahoo.com
And  big project of the week- I finally got up the nerve to paint our parlor trim! This is only partially done as you can see. I will do a full blogpost on the agony, the defeat and the final victory of this emotionally draining project. In a nutshell, I love it and think you will too, but I want to post once I have things completely finished. Stay tuned for that.

 And big news of the month-

Not So Shabby in Zeeland is closing.  I want to pretend that I'm sad about it and I am for Zeeland, but in reality for me, I wasn't giving it the attention it deserved.  Jackie, the owner, was sad about leaving but needed also to concentrate on the big store in Holland and not have so many irons in the fire. Sometimes less is more. I'm glad she tried it down here and I am so thankful for the support you gave me here.  I did well there, but found that it was hard to keep changing things up with a limited booth size. I'm relieved that I can focus in on doing fewer things and trying to do those fewer things better. 

 I made a trip to the Holland Store with all the things from my Zeeland booth, so check that out soon. It's jam packed full of treasures!
And one more thing:
Today is my better half's 49th Birthday. Ken and I celebrated our first date together on October 14, 1991. Two years later to the exact date, he asked me to marry him. 
This date holds special meaning for us but mostly for me because without him in this world, things for me just wouldn't be right.
He's a fixer. You know that from this blog. He can fix almost anything that I put in front of him.  What you might not know is that he helped fix me. 
He and Jesus have been working together to help repair all the broken places in my life (most self-imposed) and I don't know where I'd be today without either of them. 
A shout out to this man who has loved me selflessly for almost 23 years. And for all the things that aren't repairable,  He chooses to love me anyway. 

He called us "One and A Half Men And A Van" (as a spoof on "Two men and a Truck") last night as we were moving the items to the Holland store.  As we both age less than gracefully, I sure do hope one and a half men and this van have many more miles of road ahead-together. 
Happy one-year-away-from-50 Boev!


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