Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Suzanne's Master Bath Remodel

you guys! i've missed you! i've been outside soaking up as much vitamin d as possible before old man winter rears his ugly head around these parts. 
i've also been consumed with 8 master bath remodels right now! tbh it's been a little hard keeping track of whose is whose, but we'll get there. :)
here is the first one to get wrapped up this fall: 

it's a new client and a wonderful new addition to zeeland! suzanne moved here from the other side of the mitten and didn't waste any time making this already beautiful ranch home, even more beautiful. 
when she first emailed me to schedule our initial 'meet and greet', i thought the address sounded slightly familiar. 
sure enough. when i pulled up into the driveway, i recognized the home as a former client, pam's house. 
pam had me out a couple of years ago to offer suggestions for some accessorizing and updating her teenage daughter's room.
suzanne was so impressed with pam's color scheme that she left much of it as it was, but knew that she would be anxious to update the master bath-as she was coming from a home that she had recently remodeled.
here is the cute, but somewhat basic bath before:
 here is the more refined, classy version. same layout. all new layers.


there are two vanities in this room- a 'his' and 'hers'. below is the 'his' before and after:

here a couple close ups of flooring and counter tops. we chose a wood looking tile and installed radiant heat to keep their tootsies nice and warm. 
the quartz counter top and flooring were from Duca stone and tile. love that place and those people.

we installed a larger mirror to reflect more of the space and the natural light from the solitary window in that room and had it framed with the same wood finish as the vanity.
still super impressed with Marty Hulst from IC Designs downtown Zeeland who designed and ordered/built the vanities.
here's the adjacent master bedroom where we did tweak the paint color just a bit to lighten and brighten the room to better compliment her tone -on -tone bedding.
cute little/big (?) ottoman we ordered for her living room from Talsma to coordinate with the sectional sofa she already had.
sign she ordered from me for her lower level:

next up over there? a kitchen remodel. i'll give her a little breathing room while i try to wrap up a few more master bath remodels.
so looking forward to working with her again. 
i've got a few of my own design changes i'd like to make around my house this fall. i'll keep you posted on how much i can talk my contractor (hubby) into!
see you back here soon.


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