Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Peddler's Market Preview

Happy Back to School!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!  Sorry to seem a bit over-enthused but the natives (me) have been getting restless around here and it's time for a structured routine again. 
I've got a big week of 'workshop/garage' time scheduled in order to be ready for the big downtown Zeeland Fall Peddler's Market.  
I am getting excited about seeing some of you down there again and equally excited about some new products we've put together.  
We had fun this weekend scrounging for more treasures by hitting two big Antique shows-Allegan's monthly market, and Burley Park's swap meet in Howard City on Labor Day morning. 
No reason to complain about getting up at 6:30 AM to go 'junkin' when you are greeted with this kind of sunrise on the way. Thank you God! 
Now you're just showing off! :)
 Didn't even turn into 'Crusty' waiting in this line...I knew It'd be worth the wait!
Bless my husband's selfless heart.  He walks behind me pushing the empty burley as I load it down with rusty junk which gets heavier and more awkward with each passing row. 
No complaints! EVER!

 He won't even let me help him unload it into the van (ok, so maybe he's a little servant hearted AND a control freak like me and doesn't like how I would throw caution to the wind and  cram it all in there where most of it would break or snap).

Doesn't look like we bought much but I managed to blow through $100 in about an hour. We felt good about how many unique and truly vintage finds we scored. We weren't the only ones who wanted to spend the holiday morning there-it was us and thousands of other red-necks. (It takes one to know one). We actually prefer this venue over the Allegan Antiques scene for the low-key feel and low-key prices!  The people watching is just an added bonus and we don't find it hard playing the part! ;)

 I do have to brag about this one: This I did find in Allegan on Sunday.  $20!!! I had to have it! It was a cob-webbed mess but after a good scrubbing-I got myself a one-of-a kind wine rack. Sorry I can't part with this baby on Saturday but maybe sometime down the road...
Here is just a small sampling of what we'll be selling and showing on Saturday at the Peddler's Market.
 Paper Lanterns

Vintage display rack and signs
 Embroidery Rings/Buntings and Fabric
 Rusty and Dusty Treasures and yard art

Metal and Wooden Letters
 New and Handmade Artwork and inspirational signs

 Lampshades and reclaimed wood furniture

Repurposed barn wood

Vintage hooks and hardware

Scales, clocks and garden decor
Pallet boards and more pallet boards

Vintage home decor

 "Fall-o-ween" finds

 Mason Jars and architectural Salvage

Lots of Rustic Framed Chalkboards-all sizes
 Reasonably priced gift items-think Christmas or Birthday
 Rustic/ Fall themed items
 Okay, I love these. Wait until you see how they will be staged...as a backdrop for picture frames. Just you wait.
Special shout-out to my neighbor and generous junk-giver, Kevin Karsten for offering me his old picket fencing instead of waiting for me to dig it out of his garbage container come Tuesday mornings. :)
 A client already spotted this fan in my garage when she was picking up a custom sign. Claimed it right then and there. :)
 I stumbled upon this artist's collection while vacationing up in Ludington this year. I bought a ton of her pieces. I'm keeping some but passing along others to you. I think they're beautiful and inspiring.
 You guys! These vintage drapes! I would soooo keep them and use them in Kennedy's room but I know I would be tempted to paint all her stained trim white and we're trying to end the madness with so many home projects while we save for her college, so I have to part with them. They're silky and gorgeous and would look beautiful with cream trim.

 Wooden and wire crates
I though this little 'jazz frog' was too adorable to pass up.  Use him indoors or out, but make sure  if he sits outside, you empty his saxophone when it rains. And not on the kitchen floor like I did.
Here's the low-down on what you'll need for Saturday!

*Directions to downtown Zeeland's Main Street-easy peesy
*$3 OPTIONAL donation to get in the venue. Just talked to the head hanchos this morning-it's optional! 
*$$ for all the amazing treasures (and food) you're going to want to purchase
*an umbrella if it rains...but it won't. 
*a good attitude and a friend-or lots of 'em!

Spread the word-It's the place to be on Saturday from 2-8!
Next year, even better....wine and cheese!!

Come find me when you get there! I want to see you "Chumps/ Chums" in person! :)


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