Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Treasure Hunting at Not So Shabby

I worked yesterday at Not So Shabby-Holland Store and snapped a few pics of things that caught my eye in various vendors' booths. Head over there sometime to play "where in the world is that item"? :)
(I'll cheat a little on the first three-these you can find in my booth.)
Hint: I loved the way Chris covered part of these letters with twine for an even beachier effect. (below)
 Something intriguing about this vintage photo holder in a pale pink finish. Hint: In the "friendly" first row.
 New booth: I'll give you this as a freebie. (Second row) called "Altered".
 New Booth: Another freebie-"Scribblin' Sisters"-vinyl lettering/wall words.

You can always find some rustic items scattered here and there.

 While you're on your treasure hunt, be sure to check out the new vintage boutique that opened last month.  Connected to NSS as you enter to the left.

More scavenger hunt fun:

 This vintage pink blossom blanket would be so cute in a little girl's room:

 Have fun searching and shopping.  I'm working like crazy making product for the fall Peddler's Market. Hoping to do a sneak peek of some of those items soon.


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