Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday!

I've often said that the best part of my job is meeting Champs like you along the way.  What starts out as a designer/client relationship, often leads to a lasting friendship. The fun part about that is-I sometimes get to meet the whole family and other friends as a result of that good working relationship and that's how my business grows...word of mouth. 
This was one of my fave projects to work on several years ago already.  
My client turned friend, Lindsey and her family built a new house out in the country and I got to be her 'right hand man'(?) helping out with colors, selections, furniture, opinions.
Basically, I got paid to be the bossy older sister. 
She has an incredible sense of style so it was effortless on my part to assist. 
As a result, I have since had the pleasure of helping with one of her sisters houses, and helping her mom with finishing touches on her lower level of her beach house.

Here is a brief "Flashback Friday" of some of her rooms:
 Great Room overlooking the woods:
We chose furniture that could take a beating with her young family. Leather ottoman for additional seating is a practical choice for kicking back and relaxing.
 Because the setting is in the woods, we chose lots of greens, browns and wood stained cabinetry to give a rustic, but still clean feel to the rooms.
People often ask me if it's okay to mix wood with painted trim! The answer is a resounding yes!!


One of my favorite rooms in the house was the nursery at the time.  It has since been repurposed as an office-which I will try to post pics of sometime.

I'm pretty sure I have Lindsey to thank for snagging me this next Flashback gig too.  It's her neighbor Kate that was building on property adjacent to theirs.  I had just as much fun with this then 'twenty-something' gal as we turned her vision and dreams into reality for her new home. 
So fun to work with girls that are willing to take risks with color, wallpaper, accessories, etc. 

Flashback Friday to Kate's house: Circa 2011?

 Kate's salon off the side of her house: Can you tell we had fun with the wallpaper books?
 Half Bath on main floor:

 This past year, I've been helping with a house that is so similar to this floor plan, it's crazy. I'm scheduled to take pics of that one in a couple of weeks now that it is finished.
It was fun to do something completely different even with a similar layout. Stay tuned for that. 
I'm off to one of my favorite places this week. Our families' annual camping trip to Pentwater. Hoping to trek the nearly 100 miles up there tomorrow with Kennedy, Chase and Cole (nephews) on our bikes, but the forecast isn't looking too promising. 
I'm sure I'll snap some moments of 'forced family fun' along the way and bore with those personal pics too. 
Hope your summer has been wonderful so far! See you back here soon!



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