Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Has Sprung=Garage Sales!

Update on my kitchen flooring flood.
We are living on sub floor right now in the heart of the kitchen and will be for about the next month, but at least I'm off the hook for sweeping and mopping. Trying to stay positive here. :)

I made a shotgun decision to go with an engineered hardwood flooring that is super similar to the original bamboo that I chose.  It's a bit wider, and a lot less red, which is a plus. It's still really scratch-able which is obviously a minus, but worth it for the look that I want. 

I'm excited to piece this kitchen back together, but will use this wait time to re paint my kitchen walls and freshen up the trim which is looking pretty scarfed up.

 Here's the new flooring sample next to the old (well, really still very new bamboo). Boo Hoo.
 It has a lot of gray in it, which I think I will really like.  

Enough with the pity party,  now, onto the fun spring garage sale-ing! 

Ken and I saw in the local paper that the city of Ferrysburg (20 min. north of us) was hosting city-wide garage sales. We had made the rounds last year in the rain and this past Saturday started out to be a repeat performance.  It was dark, gloomy and cold but that didn't squelch our optimism. 

"Room for Change" law (or better known to some of you, as "Murphy's Law" states that if you set out with an empty mini van and a wallet full of cash, you are bound to find NOT ONE THING. 

Well, we ended up proving that theory wrong that morning with our optimism , and filled the old grocery-getter to the top!  It also didn't hurt that the last sale we visited gave us free pallets to re purpose into signs.
 This was the best score of the day: an antique desk-of which I can't divulge the price. I will tell you though that I felt guilty for how little I paid for it! I didn't even talk them down. Gave them what they asked for it, but it was still so cheap!
This I have already painted and will bringing to the Antique Peddler's Market this Saturday, so come over-pay for it there! :) Kidding! Kind of.
Before it got it's new life of robin's egg blue and cream paint. But that's a blog post for next time.
We scored a primitive chicken crate to be made into a rustic coffee table. Only need to clean it up and add casters.
 Odds and ends in the van:
 Odds and Ends displayed:

Work-out dvds and my fitness guru Jillian's book. YES!!
 Vintage looking tins to store..pretty much anything.

Quirky Christmas Candle Holder just in case I have a Holiday tag sale this year:
Canvas bag for my teens:

Interesting striped kitchen accessory. So cute. Loved the color too.

 Halloween pots for candy:

Loved this metal deer.
 Scrabble game to use the pieces/parts. Brand new domino game for our rousing family competitions of "Mexican Train Dominoes". 
 At first I passed on these prints, but something about them spoke to me and I grabbed them. Glad I did because after I painted the frames creamy white, they'd make great cottage/beach decor for a summer home.
 More Peddler's Market wares:  They're candle holders for votives.
 This one I debated about as well-wasn't digging the tulip design on the edge of the fabric, but once I got home, dismantled it all, washed the cotton fabric and cut off the design, I'm in love.  You'll see that at the market too!  

 Think outside the box, people!
I love things that tell a story, and only if walls could speak, these tools have heard it all.
I asked Ken to cut the handles down after they're cleaned up and mount them to a rustic barn board to hang jewelry or scarves.  I know, I know...I better clean 'em good.

 Mini burlap boxes for earrings or to use as gift boxes.
 Loved this mini boxwood wreath. Look for it at the market.
 Nabbed these lime green softballs to make those 'baseball flowers' I've showcased on the blog before. I'm planning to mount these to pallet boards for a rustic spin on the idea. 

Can't wait to show you the transformation of this headboard/footboard bench Ken made. I mixed up a blue/green paint and then waxed it for an aged look. This will be at the market too. Along with all kinds of other goodies I'll be showcasing mid-week. Meet you back here  Wednesday or Thursday. Don't miss it! In the meantime, mark your calendars...Short countdown to Saturday already!


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