Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You win some, you lose some.

"Woman Candy Wednesday" goes out to this beauty!
 I'm dying!
 As I was digging through old photo folders, I found this picture of Gretchen that I must've taken last year while rummaging around my parent's basement.
I think I texted the pic to my older sister Cherie to torture her a bit.

Cherie named this life sized doll Gretchen and it was her most beloved doll in our collection of many.
Growing up with 3 sisters, we didn't usually fight over dolls, (only clothes) so it was to Cherie's surprise and my mother's dismay, that I took it upon myself to give Gretchen's hair a trim. Keep in mind I was about 8 years old and my dream was to become a beautician.

 Aren't you a little relieved right now that I focused instead on interior decorating and using a scissors for crafting, not hair cutting?!

I won't speak of my favorite stuffed animal-(a koala bear) that Cherie clipped down in retaliation. Nothing but the stuffing left. RIP "Cola". :)

Sorry that was so completely random, but it gave me a good laugh today, which I sorely needed after spending the majority of the week on the phone with our insurance company dealing with a refrigerator water line that leaked all over my new bamboo floors on Monday.

Remember these?
And remember that old lamintate flooring underneath my new pile of bamboo (below)  that I lived with for almost 7 years and couldn't destroy or ruin if I tried?
After mini-kitchen remodel 2013

I came home from grocery shopping Monday morning and was loading food into my fridge when I discovered this:

 And then this:
 And more of this:
 Which lead to this:
After assessing the damage, we called a company to come dry out the sub-floor and rafters underneath. We've been shouting over industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers all week but at least our dining room table is getting usage for the first time in 7 years as opposed to the kitchen island which is wheeled into the living room right now.

So thankful that it only leaked through to the unfinished part of our basement instead of the portion we completed two years ago. 
Also thankful that I don't have a high school graduate this year like some of my friends who are scrambling to beautify their homes before the graduation open house parties.

I'll keep you posted on our progress but meanwhile, let me know if you have an open houses and if you need last minute staging advice, tweaks or tune-ups before the big event.
I need an excuse to get out of this mess. :)

Just make sure you hide the scissors before i get there!

Meet ya back here soon with a bathroom remodel that I think you're gonna love!


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