Monday, April 21, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Monday (sneak peek)

Happy Sunny Monday! 
I have been spending lots of time digging through my attic these days looking through all of the architectural salvage that Ken and I have been accumulating over the years. I must have enough doors, windows and shutters to build a house! :)
Wait until you see the unique pieces that Ken is building to sell at the downtown Zeeland Peddler's Market on May 17. 
I've been looking for springtime inspiration in the form of pillow covers too and snapped a pic of these lovelies while in Sarasota.
Aren't they perfect for a sun room or patio?
No promises that I'll have something like this finished in time, but cute nevertheless.

Switching gears now: 
I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the projects I've helped with over the winter months. It's Katie and Mat's mid-entury modern ranch in my old neighborhood which made it even more interesting and fun. Last fall, they had devastating water damage caused by the original flat roof and they needed a complete overhaul on one whole wing of the house. 
 Keep in mind, they had purchased this house one year prior to the water damage and had already painted the rooms, furnished the house and made it their own before it had to be all undone.
Here's a pic of one of the kid's bedrooms during demo:

 Here it is put back together: (sorry about the quality of photos. I was only taking these for my reference in staging the room and walls). I know they're not blog-worthy, but I'm also all about keepin' it real around here)! Smile.
Here's a shot of the torn apart laundry room at the end of the long hallway: (This is one of the coolest houses I've ever seen, btw. I can't wait to show you the 'real' after pics)!
 Here's what we're up to now:

Waiting on cabinet doors, laundry cart underneath the countertop below and wall art:
That's a custom made drying rack. So functional.

This bank of closets in one of the boys' rooms is brand new and wraps the wall where the original closets were pulled out. 
 Before pic of the boys' bath:
AFTER:Semi finished :)
 Waiting on lighting, faucets and hardware:

Waiting on a drawer front obviously. We found the wall art on Etsy. Perfect for this style home.
The striped wall was done in a charcoal and light gray.
Carpet was ordered through Carey Tinholt at Carpet Direct. I highly recommend this guy. Favorite carpet guy for sure!

 I never had taken before pics of their master bath prior to or during demolition, so this probably won't do justice, but picture a bank of flat paneled white doors with zero character. 
 These were custom built by IS-2 Interior Specialties on the south side of Holland. Shout out to Tim Obbink over there.You do amazing design work!

 We chose the contrasting walnut and white fronts to coordinate and compliment the original dark brown penny tile on the opposite wall.
Master bath vanity with a waterfall granite countertop. Door fronts and drawers to be dove white to match closets.
 New soaking tub where the large  1970's sunken tub used to be:

 View looking down the hallway into the master bath.

 We chose a dura-stone product in a light white/tan to brighten the space against the dark wall tile.

Again, can't wait to show you more angles and accessories, but we're working on wrapping up some details and then the fun staging begins. It will be worth the wait, I promise.
See you back here soon.


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