Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year-New Items

I haven't given you a Not So Shabby booth update in a while. I didn't work during the month of December because I was swamped with orders and clients but it was fun to work my bi-weekly four hour shift last week and see what was new there.  It looked like someone cleared me out.  I was down to three signs and some of my bigger pieces had moved which is always fun to see. 
I have lots of loot stashed in my sis' basement so I'll have to rifle through there soon to see what you Champs might like next. I managed to crank out a few new items last week and here's the latest: 

Here's some cool stuff I saw as I wondered around to other booths:

Stop in sometime to visit.  I'm working next Thursday, Jan. 23 from 11-3. 


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