Friday, January 3, 2014

Fitness Studio

This is the home fitness studio of a new client of mine.  I actually remembered her from my workout days many years ago at JCI.  She's not just an incredible fitness coach, she's an energetic, inspiring person to be around. 

She called me in to offer cost-effective solutions to update her studio and make it more functional and efficient for herself and her clients.  
Her entire lower level is designated as the 'fitness center' and immediately upon walking down there, it feels just like that...a workout studio-not a basement. I wanted to forget the consult and grab a spin bike but thought I'd better offer a few suggestions first. 
This "foyer" area is at the bottom of the steps.  She discussed needing an area where clients could take off their coats/sweatshirts (and shoes-if doing yoga) and sign in.
This served as that area.

Again, here's that wall before: 

This is that same area after a few inexpensive changes. 

 Does that striped wall look familiar? We had originally picked a cool graphic wallpaper for this whole small room, but the sticker shock of covering that small space had us looking at a more economically feasible plan B.  I talked her into striping the wall herself to save money. (You remember I did this a while ago in my dining room)? 
It's crazy that in this picture, the wall adjacent to the striped wall looks, blue, but it is the same color as the darkest stripe! Crazy, right?! (It's actually a charcoal grey, but in the stripe in this pic, it looks taupe). 
We also had a contractor come out and give us a quote for built in lower cabinets, but that too came in over the top. Solution? A reasonably priced side table from World Market, which JUST fit next to the counter-sized fridge. We had a large sheet of galvanized metal cut and will be framing that above the buffet to be used as a magnetic message center for upcoming classes.

We acquired the almost 100 year old wood header (beam) from a neighbor and Ken mounted hooks on it and hung it for her, (much to his dismay...he detests helping me accessorize). 
He also built this simple shaker style bench for clients to use when they are putting on shoes or removing them for class. I painted it a buff color. ("Hush" by Ben Moore)
Here's the opposite angle of the adjacent room/studio overlooking the backyard. It was a pretty light blue which we simply switched out to gray.
Ugh! I don't think I have an after shot of this angle. 
 Here's a 'before' of the wall that houses product.  I suggested that she purchase three urban style shelving units from World Market to make this area look a little more staged looking, a little less storage-looking.

 They fit perfectly in that space and are able to contain so much more equipment and product. 

I wanted to show you how the wall meets up with that entry area.

Here's the 'before' wall of the spin bikes.
 Such a subtle difference in wall color (in this pic) but in person it took away the beachy vibe and looks a little more refined but still airy and calming. Again, we used that same wood to add texture and make a functional display for her exercise bands.

 I highly encourage you to look Amanda up online.  It's AV Wellness Fitness.  She offers online videos and personal training.  She also holds small group classes in this studio so you can see our collaboration first hand. 
Great way to start the new year-with some wellness goals! 

 We are still waiting on some artwork and large framed mirrors, but we're getting there! A little change sure can go a long way.


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