Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Upcycling and beautfi-ing Jars


You Champs have been keeping me busy with sign orders! I love it! The one above I tried a new technique with sandpaper to give it a linen look for the background. I also just bought another great new stencil from Hobby Lobby that I can't wait to showcase soon on a sign. Stay tuned for that. :)

Quick tutorial on the project below: 

A couple of months ago, my faber (friend/neighboer) asked me if I could make some decorative jars for her to use as display.  She had seen the idea somewhere before and showed me a few pictures of what she had in mind.  She was going to fill the jars with beach sand and then place votive or tea light candles in them and use them in a cluster on her dining table.  Might have been a little more relevant during the summer, but I finally had time to work on them yesterday. Maybe she could fill with cranberries and candles for Christmas! (trying to give my procrastination a positive spin)!
Here's what I started out with: various sizes of jars that I cleaned up and upcycled for this project! (Honey jars, ball caning jars, anything!)
 Here are my supplies:  Burlap w/ lace  and regular lace from Hobby Lobby. Natural twine/raffia, hemp cord, buttons, ribbons and actual burlap cut from  coffee bags.

 Here's the end product.
 I think these would make really inexpensive and charming wedding centerpieces or accents. Maybe for a bridal or baby shower too using baby food jars! As a Christmas gift, keep the lids with them and fill them with homemade granola or chocolates. 
 I added buttons where I thought it looked plain.  There are all sorts of ways you could doll these jars up, but the lace wrapped burlap made it super easy! Arm yourself with my favorite tool - a hot glue gun and away you go!

The weather is turning chilly and the nights are getting longer. Start saving and washing jars. Grab some girlfriends and plan a craft night! 

Also...head's up for later this week...my next blog post will be advertising our annual Holiday sale at Not So Shabby. THIS Friday,November 8 from 4-7 and Saturday, Nov. 9 from 10-4 (I think). More info and pics soon. 
Meet you back here on Thursday, 'kay?


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