Sunday, April 21, 2013

Basic Burlap

Quick post tonight.

I spent every precious minute I could outside today enjoying the brief glimpse of Michigan sunshine, (can I get an Amen?) so not much time to write. (Gettin' another Amen for that too I suppose). :)

Hope you all got to get out, soak it in and let it fuel you for the week ahead. 

There seemed to be a consistent theme to the photos I was downloading to share this week.  And Burlap is where it's at. 

Some of the items I was prepping to bring to my booth at Not So Shabby included some extra burlap bags I had laying around from an estate sale last summer:

 Little metal buckets I bought from Target last year. 
 Cut, rip, wrap and go.
 Cute for gift buckets of candy:
 Or for holding plastic flatware for picnics!

Or fray the edges for a more casual look. (above)

Wrap a worn bulletin board with it.

Use for drapes:

Or a beat up looking outdated shade:

Or splurge on the real thing from Pottery Barn-(burlap pendant dining light):

 And now, just a quick sneak peek at the space that houses that pendant light. A project I've been working on with my new client and friend, Rebecca. We've had a blast this year designing and planning this new home for her and her young family. Not staged or quite finished yet-
(Missing barn door tracks and right side door and minus a lot of accessories, but we're getting there). I promise more pics when we're done.

Boys' Bath:

There'll be lots more where these came from soon. 
Happy Monday and happy SUN days ahead!!!


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