Monday, December 3, 2012

Table Talk-Take 2

Remember last year when my friend Julie and I co-hosted a dessert table for a women's event at her church? Well, I was asked again this year by my sister Cherie. She would provide the dessert, if I would decorate the table. Sounded like a fair deal to me.

It's a fun night celebrating the Christmas season with other women.  There were around 45 tables this year with 8 women to a table.  It's been such a highly attended event, they do the exact same event twice. Once on Thursday, once on Friday. We were there Thursday night.

I intentionally kept our table pretty basic this year-trying to simplify this season and I mean it!  I am big into chevron stripes (IKR, who isn't)?   I knew I could get a trendy and cheap look using paper from Hobby Lobby as placemats which I already had in the house for another project.($.59/each). 

I only had 6 silver charger plates and I needed 8. I found more at the local dollar store, but I was too lazy to spray them silver (they were gold) before the event. Sooo, I just put a charger at every other plate. I actually liked that you were able to see the pattern on the paper that way. I already had all the silver and white polka dot bulbs (clearance at Ikea two years ago), and the reindeer centerpiece I swiped from my dining room table at home, (garage sale find..summer of 2012). :)
Obviously, the reindeer antlers are intended for votive candles, but I knew the rules of the event stated that no lit candles were allowed. So, I used large campfire style marshmellows that I dipped into frosting and sprinkles to substitute.

Cherie made an amazing cheesecake dessert that was a crowd favorite!  (of course, perfectionist that I am, I made her 'chevron' the raspberry sauce through it instead of her preferred design), so it would 'match' our table. (I might not get asked back next year).
Here's a pic of Kennedy and Cherie, (and no, I didn't require that they dress to match the table)! :)  I told you I was taking it down a notch, didn't I?
Here's my sis, Lo and I waiting to dig into Cherie's dessert! So bummed I didn't get a shot of my other sister Holly who was across the table!
A close up of Cherie's yummy dessert!

I had all the white Christmas plates and mugs that I found at Goodwill years ago! They've come in handy so many times!

Cherie and I went to the Dollar Store and bought the small silver glitter reindeer ornament for a dollar each that we propped up next to the water goblets that the guests could take home.  I bought some double dipped chocolate covered peanuts (which one friend affectionately called "reindeer poop") and stapled more chevron paper to a treat bag.
You've seen these sign holders before. I bought 12 of them from Ikea a year ago and have used them countless times for different events. ($1 each)

Here's some of my favorite tables of the night.  They were all so unique and creative.

Thought this cake was just beautiful. 
This was so cool. It must have been battery powered.  Dr. Suess looking table with whimsical plates and centerpiece.

So pretty! Traditional Red and Green.
Of course, I loved this organic looking one. Lots of textures, brown, golds and white.
This one below was unique. A rustic theme with black bears.

This was my very fave.  Loved how crisp the red and white looked.  Cute plates too. I asked her where she got 'em. Target! Gotta love that place!
They came with set of four different designs.

Sooo hungry for some reason right now. Off to grab whatever chocolate I can find in the house. Hope your December days are starting off Merry and Bright!


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