Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School (Yippeee)!!!

Okay, Chumps. Can I get a woot-woot for the end of summer and school starting!??
I hate to admit this but I was/am more than ready for the back-to-school routine.  I had an awesome summer with my family and friends but now it's time to hammer down and focus!!
I managed to shed a tear or two last night realizing that my first born nephew is a senior in high school this year and my first born daughter is a freshman! I know how fast these years will wiz by and I am NOT wishing them away...I'm just wishing for a little serenity NOW weaving it's way into my days without the chaos of loveable but lazy (?) teenagers making messes everywhere!
(luv u girlies but time for mama to claim back her castle.)

Sooo, to kick off the last official day of summer, we at Room for Change did what only we would enjoy doing....we set our alarms for early morn and hit the Burley Park Swap Meet in Howard City. We were so glad to get there as the gates were opening because as the morning progressed the crowds (and ensuing heat) were getting to be unbearable.

We jinxed ourselves by talking about 'Crusty's Law" (kinda like Murphy's Law) that when our van is empty and ready to load up some new purchases, our wallets are also in that same state, or whenever our van is packed and we're loaded to the gills...that's when we find all the treasures. Yesterday, because of all the summer spending we've done (hey...no judging...it was worth it), we allotted ourselves $100.  That is like letting a kid loose in a candy store with a dime in his pocket. We were bound to get the gimmies and we were bound to get them bad!

But, alas...we persevered and we stretched that hunski as far as it would go. I'll post pics of the treasures we scored as soon as I wash 'em all up and get 'em presentable to show you. (Burley Park is a little less classy than the Allegan Show and that's saying it nicely). :)
Both shows do NOT disappoint in the way of sights, sounds and smells!
Loved this old set of church seats that a vendor had staged so nicely. This was my favorite booth of the day but didn't find anything cheap enough here. I love the idea of using these in a mudroom or quirky cottage foyer! I might even put fun vintage burlap cushions on them to make them functional and comfy!

Snapped some pics of this booth so I can give Ken a good kick in the pants (with above cowboy boots perhaps)? to motivate him to build some cottage style cabinets, counters, and armoires with all the shutters, windows and doors we have stored.
(just kidding. i wouldn't do that. i would however, wear said boots with a mini skirt and bribe him a little if you know what i mean. wink. for some reason that worked better in my 20's).
I'm glad this barn door was red or I would've been tempted to spend half the cash on this piece. It was $45 and would've worked great on a wall in our newly finished basement but I liked the patina and didn't want to paint over it. Red wasn't part of my plan for the lower level.
I also really liked the pieced together barn boards and have seen this look all over Pinterest lately. I'll be doing a version of that soon with lathe boards that we salvaged from our hallway project last year. Cute look for independence day. I can also picture this with muted greys and blues!

It's fun to see the variety of booths. Here this vendor strictly sold books and magazines.

This is what my teenage daughter would call "Totes Adorbs". For those who aren't familiar with 'teen speak' that's totally adorable!!

The whole set up was totes adorbs and I wanted it all, especially the laundry bin just like the one I sold last year and have regretted ever since. Loved using it for beverages over ice during summer pool parties.
Ken pretended all morning that he was interested in my purchases but he was staking out the t-shirt tents in each row recalling how last month at the show he had found a long sleeved tee for $3.00! No, I didn't let him buy the three quarter lengthed Detroit jersey, but he did find a slick looking black number for working in the garage/workshop this winter! heyyyy-ohhh!

All in all, it was a successful morning. Can't wait to show you the blue metal baskets I found and the totes adorb pink dresser with mirror. (Are you getting sick of 'totes adorbs' yet? If you are, then you know why I'm not sad that school started today)!

Speaking of totes...I wish I'd had one on wheels yesterday like the double zeros in the pic above. Would've made life a little easier and my shoulder a little less sore today.
All worth it to bring these great finds to you my little Chumps! Hope summer treated you well and you're not too disappointed to welcome the cool, crisp days (pleaase??) of fall!
One more shameless plug...
if you haven't liked our "Room for Change" page on Facebook, would you be willing to now? I've made it a goal this fall to post pics of all these frugal finds that I will be bringing and selling in my booth at Not So Shabby!  I don't want you to miss a thing!
Happy Fall Chumps!

P.S. The sofa I posted on my last blog entry sold right away! Thanks for allowing me to buy and sell and for appreciating a good deal just like I do! You know my motto..."there's always room for change"..and I do live by that slogan much to my family's dismay! Good-BUY comfy couch...hello...not so comfy but "mom -thinks- it -looks -cool couch"!


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