Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wine and Cheese Please

Okay Chumps. Gotta unload some furniture.  I stumbled upon a garage sale on Saturday morning and made an impulse buy of a "new-to-me" sofa. So out with the old and in with the "not-so-new".
The couch to the left I bought from a friend this spring. It's a Mitchell Gold sofa slipcovered in a linen looking tan fabric. Solid frame, and super duper comfy!! In fact, my family is a little irked with me for replacing it with a more modern looking and sooo NOT comfortable couch. Oh well, form over function I say.
Email or contact me if you're interested in this one.
It comes with four brand new cushions to replace the originals if they ever sag. The discoloration in the pic. is not at all obvious in person. $300 to the first Chump that wants it. You can order a new slipcover from Mitchell Gold if you want a different fabric. They still carry this frame.

Anyway...I know this isn't Craig's list. Blogging forward now.... :)

I promised you pics of my backyard sometime this summer and I don't know what I was thinking when I did that because it was not a banner year for my landscaping and grass, what with all the heat and lack of rain. However, the beginning of August presented me an opportunity to spruce things up back there because it was my turn to host Team Centrennial's Wine and Cheese night.
Ten of my fabers (friends/neighbors) have been meeting once a month to learn more about various wines and different types of cheese to pair with them. No, it's not an excuse to drink and gossip...we really mean business and have been learning a lot! Of course it does help that we have a neighborhood professional caterer/chef that is part of our group (no pressure there) and she shares lots of interesting tips and facts.

Sidenote...(Ken just walked into the room and asked what the 'blog' topic of choice was today....I told him "backyard wine party". His response, "Oh, oh, will there be tears or cheers"? I think that's his kind way of saying that I've been a little too sappy lately...sorry about that, Chumps)!

Here's some pics of the occasion:

I hauled out the farmstyle table from the garage that I just finished painting and used that with an assortment of different styles of chairs.  The table btw, is now for sale at Not So Shabby!

I layered the table with white newsprint paper and a green paper runners, burlap and natural ribbon. I filled small clay pots with spanish moss for an organic look and used galvanized metal storage pieces along with white platters. These white plastic sign holders I had from Ikea and I filled them with wine quotes.

Our theme for the night was "Summer Whites". I had a stack of vintage flashcards and found two that seemed appropriate. The bucket I filled right before the party with ice to chill the wine they brought.

Literally 15 minutes before the party, my faber shouted over the fence, "Fabes...what are doing?? I just pulled up the radar and a storm is rolling in and should be here in 1/2 hour"!

I was not about to pack everything and drag it inside. I hadn't spent any time cleaning or preparing the interior of my house that day. This isn't happening!!!....
Faber once again to the rescue. I borrowed her canopy and the show would go on!

Not quite as attractive looking but better to be safe than sorry. We ended up not getting even a drop of rain that night. Phew!

I had found these metal numbers at an estate sale and thought they'd be a fun way to number the bottles as we discussed and rated each one.

Here's the rest of my yard. 

These antique director's chairs are at my booth this week as well!

The chicken crate coffee table that we retrofitted with wheels is also at Not So Shabby! I only have one so get it while the gettin's good!
Love this doormat that my sis Cherie bought me for my b-day!

This sign that I had hanging there that night was a copy of the one I had originally painted for a Chump that ordered it for her lower level. I made an extra one to sell because it took me so long to cut the stencils for it. I'll be bringing this to the booth this week sometime. Here's a pic. said Chump sent to me when hers was in place. She hung it next to pictures of all the vacations they've been taking as a family. Great idea!
Chumps...I can't believe summer's almost over. Hate to admit it but I might be ready. I'm a creature of habit and I NEED structure and routine. Plus my girls are driving me nuts. :) It's time.
Cheers to a great summer!!


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