Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kenn's room

So I wanted to surprise Kennedy last week while she was at camp by repainting her bedroom.  We were both getting tired of the bright green and she (with my encouragement) was leaning toward a little less modern, a little more vintage look.
I was debating whether to paint the doors white as well, but couldn't bring myself to it.  I'm glad I decided against it because I actually don't mind the stain color they are now. Even the wood floor looks a little richer against the white walls. Below is the green before:

The door to the right of the room opens up into a small little room we lovingly call 'the dormer'.  It is above our sunporch below but unfortunately she doesn't get to use it much.  It's much too hot in the summer and way too cold in the winter.  I haven't been too motivated to decorate it for that reason, but it is a cute little space.
We finally got around to putting casters on the pallets that we had in the garage.  I found the white coverlet for the bed a few years ago at a second hand store but we never had a twin bed to put it on!

I fell in love with this settee a few weeks ago at an estate sale that we stumbled across. I can't tell you what I paid for it in case I sell it someday in my booth, but let's just say I felt like I robbed the guy blind. I did paint the wood trim a creamy was originally a dull dirty beige.

This dresser was originally a high gloss brown. I took my orbital sander and went to town on it until this green patina showed through. 

We hit the Burly Park Swap Meet a few weeks ago and I scored this beauty.  Ken added wheels to it and it became a small scale coffee table for her room.  I did tag it to take to the store but we both like it too much to part with it now.

Just found this lamp at a garage sale for $2.00. You can't tell in the pic, but the shade is ripped. I'm anxious to recover the shade with fabric from some old tab top drapes I have that are an off white linen.

She was surprised and thrilled when she opened her door to unpack her suitcase from camp on Saturday morning.  I was surprised and thrilled that she actually liked it....(you never know how a sleep deprived, fussy, moody teenager might react)!
Hopefully this look (with some tweaks) will last a little longer than the green walls did (2 years). If not, I know someone who isn't afraid of wielding a paintbrush. :)


GloryBabies3 said...

Love the change! Always wanted to ask...when you find a neat old piece of furniture like the couch for K's room....Do you steam clean it? Give it a good shot of Febreeze? Live with the mustiness? I'm always a little leary of buying stuff I think is really cool because of the potential smell. What about cigarette smoke? Any good tricks?
Thanks in advance,

The Changing Room said...

Ha ha!! All good questions!!! Yes...I am forever spraying old furniture with Febreeze after vacuuming it 'till the cows come home! I am not a germ-a-phobe but it does gross me out a little when i think of what could be lurking underneath. steam cleaning?...would be a good idea, but i'm always too lazy and too eager to get things in place for that. i am always lamenting to ken that my house smells like dog and musty furniture...ugh! My advice? Light lots of strong smelling candles! :) Cigarette smoke..leave it air outside for as long as you can...febreeze and vacuuming. It would have to really smell rank for me to pass up on a frugal find! :)

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