Friday, June 8, 2012

Perfectly Shabby at "Not So Shabby"

Alright Chumps...I know I promised you one more post on the beauty (?) of Oak, but instead I'll be shameless and self-promoting and highlight some of the things I've been working on for my booth at Not So Shabby.
The rustic boards with hooks in the pictures above and below are made from an old weathered porch swing that I've dragged with me our last three moves. We've worked around it in the garage/workshop for a few months now and Ken was about to roast marshmellows over it at our first summer campfire, but I sweet- talked him into repurposing the boards into a peachy and beachy looking towel holder and I think it was worth salvaging after all.

I actually haven't had any time to hit many garage sales lately, but here are a few gems that we found last weekend and that I got around to painting a few days later.

I also had some fun working on recovering this grungy old lampshade last week. A friend and former neighbor who owns our wonderful local coffee shop, Zeeland's very own "Mainstreet Beanery" requested that I replace the old burlap looking shade with a burlap coffee sack.  How fitting for a coffee shop owner!
What a fun conversation piece in her living room now!  No time for a tutorial, but here's the steps involved.

Until next time Chumps.  Peace out.


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