Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Okey Dokey...more Oak-y.

Here's another room that started out with beautiful custom oak trim.  If you have oak trim in your house and you're starting to get a complex about it, I apologize if I'm doggin' it.  It's not me...it's my peeps. They're over it. Some of 'em at least anyway, and those that know me, know that there's nothing I won't take a paintbrush to.
This project, however, I left up to the true professionals. Even if it is my bestest pal, DC's sunroom. I spend far too much time in this room to look at any spills, drips or mistakes that I've caused.  After a quick "Room for Change" consult, she hired a painter to freshen up the trim with primer and a soft white paint.  I matched the new color to her kitchen cabinets that we had painted shortly after she moved in.  (Archived Blog).

For the walls, I picked a new paint color that wasn't quite as deep as the gold that was also there when she moved in -and that we lived with because we thought it worked with the oak.  She wasn't replacing furniture so I knew we couldn't stray from the cottage feel that she still wanted in there.
Here's a refresher of her painted kitchen, which was also originally oak.
Before Pics of the sunroom:

Here's the after:

One more before:

One more After:
Subtle, but fresh, wouldn'tch say?
Can you pick out some "Room for Change" gems in the photo?

*The floor lamp I bought at an estate sale and recovered the shade for her birthday.
*The green upholstered side chair was her first purchase from my booth at "Not So Shabby" two years ago when it first opened.
*The middle accent/coffee table was a garage sale find that I painted and restained- purchased from this past year's tag sale in November.
*The stain in the middle of the rug under the table was from my spill last New Year's Eve...
(Only kidding..we got that one out). No, that wasn't me, DC! :)
I promise.

Okey dokey Chumps, no more oak-y.
Except for one more next time. Then I'm done.


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