Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunsets, Summer and Stuff

We took this picture overlooking Lake Michigan just south of Ludington.  We have been having fun making new camping memories this summer with my extended family at our favorite State Park in Pentwater.  Hope you've had some spectacular sunset sightings as well.  I'm sad to see summer come to an end.

I bought this bookcase at Allegan Antiques last month.  It's a little crooked, but it adds to the charm! I debated about what color scheme to do. I wanted to do a bright teal, but I knew I would be bringing it to the store to sell, and that limits who's buying it, so I opted for something a little more timeless.

I wallpapered the back of it with wrapping paper!!!  I bought the paper last was marked way down. It actually has a raised fabric feel to it, so it really looks like wallpaper.  What a cheap option.  I used decoupage medium to adhere it.  It's in my booth at "Not So Shabby" right now..(unless it sold last week while I was gone). 
This cute little table I also purchased at the Allegan Antiques show.  I loved how small and simple it was. I was tempted to keep it for my family room, but wanted to paint it orange and that wouldn't work in my room.
I used a burnt orange and glazed it to look aged with dark brown Bri-wax.
Couldn't resist showing off my youngest daughter "Brecken" who loves to help mom prep pieces and even paint once and a while. I usually pay her, but this day she was working for 'free'. 

Our barn cat, Esker even helps out with 'quality control' in my business. I made this ottoman for a client, (tufted buttons were added later), and Esker approves. Rest assured, not all items come with cat hair.

This pic. is for my sister Howard...proof that I actually did wakeboard this summer.  Still paying for it literally with physical therapy, but so worth the bragging rights with my nephews.


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