Monday, June 21, 2010

Small Change

A client of mine just sent me an email encouraging me to look at artist Rodney White's prints online. She said she thought I should definitely buy the one that says, "There is no such thing as small change".  These pictures remind me that even small change(s) can make a big difference.
This chair just needed a coat of fresh white paint.

This old metal stand I found in Pentwater. It was brown and rusted.  I spray painted the whole thing black with a metal spray paint.

My niece Kari, the photographer, reminds me to try to take "before" pictures and "after" pictures in the same location and exact same pose.  I'm too scatterbrained for that Kari.  I always forget what way I had the piece. I'm lucky to remember to snap a photo before I go to town with my paintbrush!!  This table is an example of my awful photography skills, but oh get the picture...literally.

Having fun these days redoing these desk chairs with fun fabrics.

And, this has nothing to do with small changes other than how much these precious kids change every time I see them, but I couldn't resist including a shot of my nieces and nephews, (and my own two girls) who were downtown for a photo shoot a few nights ago with my parents.  I love my sisters' kids as if they were my own, (and sometimes claim them as if they were).


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