Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!

These are my girls.  Brecken is on the left, Kennedy on the right.  I haven't shared much about them in these posts, but they are my greatest joy.  Brecken looks like me, but acts just like Ken, (God bless her).  Kennedy looks like Ken, but acts just like me, (God forbid).  They are both growing up to be such amazing young women, (no thanks to me or my parenting, but by God's grace).  It's Kennedy's 12th birthday this week, and she asked for a bedroom makeover for her birthday.  The designer in me jumped at the chance...the Mom in me cried because she's growing up.  I knew this makeover would include getting rid of the little girl's bookcase that she's had since she was five.  It would mean  taking down the princess wall art that hung over her bed for the last 4 years. It would mean stashing away her snow globe collection and replacing it with Justin Bieber posters.  I'm not ready.  I stood in her doorway last night staring at the fresh coat of "brighter than I want it to be" green paint and cried. Happy Birthday Kenn!  Love you tons!

Here are some pics of 'rooms' I saw staged when my friend Julie and I were at Ikea this spring.  I might use some ideas for inspiration in Kennedy's new room. I'll post pics when it's done after her birthday room reveal  on Thursday.

 This was cute. I'm helping my friend Deb pull together a black/white inspired room for her daughter.  It's a fun, dramatic look. (This one is at Ikea-I'll post Deb's pics when we're done).

This one I really liked. Kennedy would love the netting and the chandelier.  


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