Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Treasures at NSS

Happy Monday Champs!
This is what happens with two teenagers in the house who know how to download and use apps better than they know how to do laundry!
Good times. :)
Hope you're enjoying this brisk but beautiful sunny Monday!

I promised you some more pallet wood pics this post, so here are a few:

My contractor, Travis is a miracle worker when it comes to implementing the many requests that both homeowners and myself have asked of him. He didn't disappoint with the repurposing of pallet (skid) boards that Ken and I had stored in our attic after being given a pile of them from our generous neighbor who is a mason. 

We quickly learned after cutting them apart, that they were a bit too heavy to make signs out of, but they have come in handy for these small spaces to add rustic character and unique charm. Above, we had a perfect nook in Tauna's remodeled ranch to use them as shelves. 
Here below, in Renee's new build, we added them long after her move in date to line the back wall of her desk area in the back entry.
She sent me these text updates as she was so excited to see the progress.
I've shown you my pallet wall before in our office that we remodeled several years ago. These boards were given to me by a former neighbor who lined his entire basement with them.  We are getting together with them this weekend, so I will try to snap pics of his amazing work and inspiration behind my half wall!
I haven't been so faithful in showing you Not So Shabby's latest treasures. I have found it was too busy for me to work my 8 hour shift each month, so I pay a bit of extra rent to skip my turns. This has allowed me to accommodate more design work and custom orders. That being said, I do miss having a pulse on what is selling and being able to chat with customers. I do still stop by there once, twice, sometimes three times a week to stock or stage my booth and today I took some extra time to snap pics of other booths and items that caught my eye.
My booth below (last week):

 My booth below (today):
 I spied with my little eyes these items in other vendors' booths. Time to go on a treasure hunt for yourself and find these unique vintage scores!

This is Carolyn's from "The Porch". She does amazing upholstery work. I loved this chair!

And this one!!

 and this cute little number:

 And especially this one! So adorable!
 Here's a new vendor. I loved her spring decor-so artistic and cheerful!


 Stop by Not So Shabby sometime soon! I will be redoing my entire booth in the next month and need to clear out some of the old to make way for the new!


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