Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I love my painter!

I couldn't even wait one day to show you this kitchen transformation and the incredible magic that my painter, Jon Sterk performed on this kitchen. 
Just an hour ago, I got a text from the new homeowner Megan, I've been working with on this project.
She and her husband Jason fell in love with this executive style story- and- a half in the same neighborhood where they were already living. They purchased it a couple of months ago, and we are working our way through the rooms changing a few cosmetics to reflect their tastes and family life. 
They appreciated the clean lines and open feel of the light and airy kitchen but were stumped about how to make it feel a little more urban and contemporary. Jason especially leans toward a very clean and minimalist vibe. I knew we would have to address the light maple cabinets in order to get an entirely new look. 
And it was Jon the perfect painter to the rescue. 
I suggested staining the existing cabinets a dark espresso color-I really didn't want the painted look in here. I thought that might look cheap and unfinished with how simple the flat door panels are-but at the same time, I didn't know if this was possible. Would the stain grab? Could we get a professional look?
Yes and yes. This guy is too good. 
(No, don't think about calling him. I've got him on all my jobs for the next 10 years and I don't want to share him.). :)



 We chose new quartz countertops that resembled marble. New stacked stone backsplash tile (which was apparently a bugger to install). Props to DUCA stone and tile once again. LOVE those guys. 
New paint color (Winter Chill) and basically everything else stayed the same. 
Same layout, flooring, appliances, cabinets, and lighting. I think we are going to replace those. We're working on a new table and some comfy chairs for a cozy sitting area overlooking the lake. I'll post more as we go.....
Thanks Jason and Megan for trusting me (and Jon) on your project. 

So this happened the other day:

 We got a call from our dear friend and neighbor Sheri who informed us that her nephew and nieces garage was soon to be taken down and she inquired if we would have any use for the barn wood that would come down with it? 
Um. No need to ask us twice when it comes to free wood....
We buzzed over there one night after work. Sheri told us the homeowners wouldn't be there but to help ourselves to however much we wanted. 
I immediately snapped a photo of the front of the house and texted it to her to make sure we had the right address! Can you imagine in we dismantled the wrong garage???? :>)

Besides getting some sideways glances from the next door neighbor, Ken had a grand old time using his sawzall and I had fun stacking and packing the wood in the back of the van dreaming of all of the rustic signs and accessories that could be...


And last but not least, I haven't forgotten about you Renee. This girl. This project. The 1,546, 985,000 emails and texts between us have bonded us for life. 
We've been working on this new house together. I give her direction, she researches and price shops and researches some more. We make a great team and I can't wait to see her tomorrow to finish this up. 
We're getting there. Need some rugs, furniture, blinds, nightstands and a few accessories and we're almost 'home free'. 
Well, not home free at all. Very opposite of free home when you're building a new house. But so worth it in the end. A beautiful home. A beautiful friendship. 

I Got to stage the built-ins last month. 


Depends how far we get tomorrow, but I'll see if I can sneak a few pics of some rooms we have finished.

 Meet you back here soon....


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