Sunday, July 26, 2015

The 'Boev'erly Hillbillies!!

That's the goal!

You guys!!! I cannot believe it's been so long since I've posted!!
Clearly, I've taken a hiatus from blog updates this summer. 
It doesn't mean I haven't been working-kinda actually means I've been working too hard haven't had much time for my usual ramblings. 
I have managed to squeeze some vacay in and am heading out tomorrow again for our annual biking trek to Pentwater for a week. 
Kennedy, my nephew, (Cole) and myself will attempt the 90 mile ride in 90 degree temps. 
Wish me luck!

Quick summer update on my life.....I've spent some time reading...(great new book btw).   A must read:

Spent some time staging:

Spent some time shopping:

Spent some time wine-ing:

Spent some time "signing" :)
Spent some time painting:

Spent some time chillin'
Spent some time stuffing the booth:
Spent some time traveling:
And today spent some time junking....

which I haven't had time to do ALL SUMMER.
Ken and I headed out early intending to hit the Allegan Antique Show but got sidetracked when we spotted a huge outdoor yard sale halfway there. 
Made short work of blowing $230 and packing the van to near capacity!
I can't wait to show you what I got and hope to be passing along some of the treasures to you at Zeeland's Fall Peddler's Market on September 19. 
(More info to come).

Here's a sneak peak. 
(Ken dubbed us the "Boev"erly Hillbillies!!) :)



I have soooooo much more to tell you....but I have to hit the hay. Didn't get a Sunday nap in today and have a long day of biking ahead. 
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for more frequent updates if you've missed me here on the blog. 
I've missed you Champs tons!
Enjoy these warm summer days and see you back here hopefully soon!


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