Monday, May 11, 2015

T & T Master Bath Remodel!

Champs! I'm still alive and well!
Did you miss me? 
I missed you terribly, but life, busyness, and business is getting in the way of me posting regularly these days!
You deserve better. :)
I've got too many irons in the fire lately (what does that even mean?)-you should see me....I haven't even had the time to schedule a hair apt. to dye my rapidly graying hair! Double ugggghhh!!!

You'll get to see me, my gray hairs and my frumpy self this Saturday, May 16 if you make your way to our lovely town of Zeeland for our annual Spring Peddler's Market. 
Ken and I will be there peddling our latest wares on Church Street from 9-2.
Last year, we had so much fun at both the Spring and Fall markets, and I promise you will too!
Lots of great new vendors with creative crafts and vintage treasures for your home and garden!
Here's our Room for Change set up at the spring market last year. 

And the fall market:

My Peddling partner, Kennedy:

Of course I haven't had time to snap pics of this year's sale items, but follow me on instagram under 


and you'll see a sneak peek.

Now, onto news from my real day job, here is a master bath remodel that I've been anxious to post. 
I did a blog entry on Tom and Tracy's kitchen remodel a few months ago.  I guess I earned their trust and favor in spite of my strong opinions, :) and they keep asking me back! So fun!

We moved on to their master bathroom and bedroom and I will be checking in this week to gasp in amazement at their new living room furniture (which we debated back and forth about at a few of our meetings). 

Ken says I'm good at this job because I'm brutally honest....hmmmm. Not sure that's a compliment but the process seems to work for Tom, Tracy and I. 

Here are a few grainy shots of their master bath before (with Jackson the golden doodle showing it off):


Here are the afters:






I can still hardly believe the transformation! I will make sure to snap lots of pics of the bedroom remodel and the living room makeover this week and promise to post here soon.

Hope to see you Saturday!


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