Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pallet Pumpkin Patch

 So, we've been up to our necks in sawdust around here-having fun re purposing wooden pallets.  Fortunately our neighbor, who is a mason often has skids that are falling apart and he's generous and 'green' enough to toss them our way. Last week, a client of mine facebook messaged me wondering if i (Ken) could put together some wooden pumpkins made from re-claimed  wood that she had seen on a blog. she sent me the pic and away we went...
 we only intended to make the three sizes that she ordered, but we had so many pieces left and ken had so much fun, :) that we couldn't stop with just three.  we needed an entire wooden pumpkin patch. 

 i sold a couple other sets of three, and brought four more in these sizes to the store (individually priced). 

 get 'em while the gettin's good. it's not too late to put on your front porch with your fall mums, ghords and pumpkins and will last you (decor wise) well into thanksgiving.  you can use over and over again each year and could even have fun painting or staining them. i thought they looked cool natural.

  Here's the blog that we used as a tutorial.  The link is below.

She used old wooden flooring, so her boards were stained and pre- finished. and um...her photography and lighting? a bit more professional than my pic taken in a dark garage with my iphone, but hey...

Check out her blog sometime. It is pretty amazing. But please come back here to my amateurish sight from time to time too, okay? Promise?

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