Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to school-Cool!

Hi Champs.
I don't have much to write tonight except that I am so excited for school to start tomorrow! I just reread my last blog post and stared in disbelief that I actually was sad that summer was ending. At the risk of sounding more bi-polar than I already am, I cannot wait!! 

 The temperature just conveniently dropped tonight to welcome in the school year. How beautiful is that? 

My garage is full of untapped potential- (read: dirty windows, cast off furniture and rustic barn boards for sign making).

My teenage girls are precious but are getting on my one last nerve, and I need my ME time! 

For those and many other very important reasons, I am ready to fall into fall.  I am jumping in with arms wide open and can't wait to be productive again.  As I type this from my home office, I can hear a not- so- distant neighbor shooting off fireworks.  I'm guessing it's another Mom celebrating this milestone with me! 

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Quick little tutorial before I head off to make my overzealous to-do list for the week:

I bought this small metal hanging sign from Hobby Lobby last week in order to make a custom sign for a friend/client. She had me customize it with a phrase for her in-laws porch, but I wanted something neutral to be able to sell it in my booth. 
(Picture it without the faint writing on it..oops-didn't get an official 'before'.)

 I selected a font on my laptop that seemed free-handed, and printed out the phrase "Drop Shoes Here." 
I used carbon paper to copy the wording onto the metal sign by tracing the lettering with a pen. (Carbon side down)
What is left is the outline of the carbon that I had traced. 
I took a white paint pen/marker and filled in the lettering with white.
I thought I wanted a little more definition and wanted to tie the dark border in somehow so I traced around the white paint with a black paint marker.
Super easy and so fun to do. 
It's at Not So Shabby, unless it sold this week.  Kind of a quirky, fun way to ask guests or kids to take off their shoes upon entry without sounding too bossy or rude. 

I bought this wooden plaque at Hobby Lobby as well and will do the same on this board with darker lettering. 
You can see a little design on the wood. I first painted it all dark cream (it came unfinished or primed)-and added this stencil pattern (below) by rolling over the entire thing with a softer lighter white.
Found the stencil at Hobby Lobby too.

I'm working on several other signs with patterned background this week and will post those soon.
Sorry for the short post. 
I'm off to the 'back-to-school happy dance'.


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