Monday, April 8, 2013

STicKs AnD StOnEs

I'm back!!!.....

After a relaxing week in Florida, I am back in full swing trying not to let this rainy day and Monday get me down. 
I was so excited to report to you Chumps what I've been working on, when I scrolled to look at the comment posted on my last blog. 

"Hey - I went into Not So Shabby today for the first time. Cute things. Saw your both and got your blog address. Cute blog, nice ideas, but what's with the "Chump"? Read through quite a few older posts. Again, like your style and your blog but...can't handle the chump. Just saying.
For whatever it's worth".

At first, my palms started sweating. I think I might have even blushed a little out of embarrassment, then a wave of defensiveness swept over me. 
And after a couple of deep breaths, I realized that she is right. 

For those of you who just started reading this blog, "Changing Room Chumps" makes absolutely no sense to you. It all started sometime last year, when I was commiserating with you who have been with me from the start, that we didn't have a cute little pet name like some of the other blogs I had been reading. 

One of my friends, clients, and uber creative cohort suggested the name "Changing Room Chumps" as in "Chump Change" and it kinda stuck. (There was an elaborate definition and a play on words and lots of other goodies with it but I won't go into the gory details).

Truth be told, in the ensuing months since then, I have thought it might sound harsh to someone who doesn't know this little online community here at "The Changing Room".  

 But please believe me when I say that I have always dubbed you "Chumps" in the kindest, most wonderful, loving kind of way. I am so sorry if I've offended any or all of you by it!!! 

I know it's babsjustbabblin', but I am so glad she did. Thank you for your input and your honesty. 

I promise to never, ever and I mean NEVER call you a Chump again. :)

Thanks for your love and grace!

So.... FRIENDS, (see, I'm already trying),

I spent some time before my vacation doin' a little painting for you and me. 

This one was for YOU (Erin):

This one was for ME:

A few more details for you my love, (I cannot LIVE without nicknames)! :)
I'm dying here.

So Erin had started working on one of these chairs (set of three) and didn't have the time to finish them. She had already purchased a quart of Annie Sloan's "Old White" chalk paint and a tub of the clear sealing wax when she asked me if I could finish them. Yes, indeed I could and would.
She wanted a roughed up cottage look and numbers painted on the back. 
Both of those, I'd do for you, my precious.

The chalk painting? That ain't no thing, but the waxing can be a bear. I am glad that she had purchased the clear wax, as opposed to the dark, because that dark wax is a bugger to cover furniture evenly.
Before I waxed the chairs, I printed a set of numbers and cut them out using an exacto knife. 
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Next, I stenciled the numbers onto the middle of the backs of the chairs using a soft stencil brush and dark gray (graphite) paint that reads 'black'.
Such a fun project to work on. She's covering the seats with a grey/white chevron striped fabric.

Now me:
These barstools I've had for six years. I think I bought them from JC Penny online when they were on clearance. The black paint has taken lots of abuse over the years and the bottom rungs were getting scuffed up pretty badly. Plus, I have been trying to lighten up my back living area and thought that painting them the same color as my new kitchen cabinets would be just the ticket. 
Here's the before:
Seriously, that's not's my camera making spots, but they were pretty nasty. I gotta be honest, pals. :)

I am so happy that they look brand new! I've actually had several people comment when they stepped into the room that it feels like so much has changed!
If you want a nice creamy white with  yellow and gray undertones, than this is the one for you. 
"Inspire Awe" by Clark &Kensington. 
Okay, so the seat cushion that I bought from World Market is a little ill fitting. That's okay. So are my jeans. 
I'm gonna keep 'em on there. My teens and tweens with their bling-a-licious jean pockets will scarf these babies up in no time. 
Not as noticeable from behind:

Might be kinda cute to stencil numbers on the backs of these bad boys too but it's a wrap for now.
Until next time, Chu...(oops, old habits die hard).

Love you Lovies!


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