Monday, January 14, 2013

More Shallow Gal

Shallow Gal is back!
I wanted to showcase one of my Christmas presents this year (and my multiple personalities as of late). :) 

A new kitchen faucet and to the left of that, a new instant hot water fixture!

I know, I know... it's a "first world problem" and I am ashamed to admit just how happy it makes me to turn the dial ever so slightly and fill my cappuccino cup with boiling hot water in an instant. 
No more fussing with the tea kettle, no more wasting time waiting for water to boil. 
Instant heat!
One more self- indulgent- instant- gratification- gadget that I now can't live without. One more guilt- inducing device that I confess makes my already easy life just that much easier. 

Here's the before picture of my "Oh, I have to live with this even though it's ugly? faucet".

 Here's the after picture of the "How can this make me so happy when there are so many unmet needs in this world? faucet".

While I'm on a roll, let's talk about a few other things that make me happy:

Chevron Stripes!
Any and every color and kind.

I covered a stack of vintage trays with taupe/white zig zags and they're for sale as we speak at NSS. When they're gone, they're gone. :)

Mustard and White chevron fabric at Field's in Holland:

Grey and White-My all time fave.

Decorative tissue paper that I found at Party City:

These scented candles from Bath and Body Works are Ahhhhh-mazing! So worth the $20 price tag and for "Crusty" to pay that, you know they've gotta be good!  My fave scent....Fresh Balsam. (Thanks for letting me hijack your house scent, Jackie C)!

 It's not all buy, buy, buy around here. Sometimes I like to give too. :)  

My beautiful sister, Holly (affectionately referred to by us as Howard) turned 40 on December 31. One of her friends had given her this quote a while ago and she commented to me how inspired she is by it. I painted it as a surprise for her the night of her party.
"Howard" hanging out with her favorite Christian music singer (and crush) Bebo Norman on Grand Haven's boardwalk this summer.
I enjoyed making these little signs (below) at Christmastime for the girlies in our VWZ group. (I'd tell you what the initials stand for, but we've been sworn to secrecy).  Remember the wine and cheese nights with neighbors I've blogged about?  Well, we had fun getting together for a festive night at Public Restaurant downtown Zeeland and I gave them each one of these:

Ladies of the VWZ
I had to snap a shot of the some of the beautiful Christmas cards I received this year.  This pic. was taken early December when the board was only half full.  I've since taken them down, but before putting them away, we put them in a big pile and pick one off the top each morning to pray for that family throughout that day.

 It keeps me connected to my family and friends well into the new year and reminds me that of all the things that make me happy, YOU  make me the happiest. 

Til next time....


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