Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home(s) Away from Home

Still reliving our vacation memories this week even as I'm back into my "normal" routine.  The re-entry hasn't been too painful and after spending the morning finding some flea market treasures, I am excited to get painting and repurposing tomorrow. However, both Ken and I have lost track of the days of June because we got up early today to hit the "last-Sunday-of-the-month-Allegan Antique show",loaded up the cooler,  drove all the way down there and discovered an empty, desolate fairgrounds. He sheepishly glanced my way and said, "It's July 1st today". Ugh and HAAAAA! 
We refused to be defeated and noticed a sign that said "Flea Market Treasures" heading back home from Allegan. We managed to fill up the van with tables, an amazing settee, a lamp and an old primitive stepladder!  Mission Accomplished!

Anway, I promised you Chumps some more vacation pics. Not that you asked, but only because I'm quite self-absorbed.  I won't bore you with many family photos, but wanted to show you some of the places we stayed.

That was a Hyatt we stayed in only for one night at our stopover from Los Angeles to San Diego. We were in the city of Huntington Beach, right across the bridge from an area called "Balboa Island".  I loved the bright colors, mix of fabrics and modern design.
We did some window shopping on Balboa Island. (below)
We also stayed at a Mariott in Marina Del Ray near L.A. We loved the area and the hotel and were within walking distance of Venice Beach. Lots of good people watchin' there!
After our week in Vegas, three days in LA, one night in Huntington, we headed to our last hotel in Del Mar-an area that is part of San Diego.  We booked all our stays through Priceline and saw pictures online, but had no idea what to expect.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a newly- remodeled, artsy, modern, and very comfortable hotel-one block off the ocean. 
It was a horse race themed hotel-so bright and spacious. We loved it.

Our view from the back balcony-Hotel Indigo-Del Mar, California.

And here was the breathtaking view on one of our last nights near the hotel in Del Mar.  We watched surfers on longboards catching some waves.  The girls were amazed by how quickly the tide came in that night and they had fun splashing and playing in the surf. Everyone told us how much we would love the west coast and how stunning and gorgeous the beaches were. We definitely agreed with their statements but were also reminded of just how good we have it here too...twenty minutes from our own little "coast"...the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. It was great to enjoy an incredible vacation, but as Dorothy so eloquently put it long ago, "There's no place like home". (Do I sound like a "Pure Michigan" ad, or what)?  Hope you are enjoying these hot summer Michigan days! Next blog...some sweet cottage style homes I saw along the way. Stay cool chumps.
(No that's not me waiting for a wave...just some lonely surfer). Below the girls had fun posing next to a longboard that washed on shore.

Ahhh, Life Is Good.


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