Sunday, July 15, 2012


"You, whose day it is, get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful".
-Traditional Nootka Song

So sorry chumps about the previous pity party post on my b-day. i ended up having a refreshing and reflective day with my family.  early that day i was out running errands and came home to a special gift left on my doorstep.  it was this bracelet from one of my most unconditonally loving friends. i immediately slipped it on my wrist and was so grateful for the reminder that I am a beloved, chosen child of the KING! 

My b-day gift from my handy hubby was a gift certificate from him for a complete overhaul of my home office! i am so excited! in fact, i am typing this from my temporary set-up on our dining room table facing a complete mess of a project in the adjoining room but it will be so worth it in the end. i'll be sure to post pics of the before/after.

I don't have much time tonight but I wanted to show you some pictures of a kitchen transformation that we've been working on.  unfortunately, Lisa (a "Room for Change Chump") and I forgot to take pictures of the room in all it's natural maple glory.  for all you "oak" fans out there...i'm taking a break from picking on you and for this particular project, we painted over MAPLE- and I don't even feel bad about it!
another shout-out to Dave Williams-painter extraordinaire for a great job on walls and cupboards!
Here's the end result:

New appliances, hardware, granite countertops, sink, faucet, paint colors, bar stool fabric and accessories=brand new kitchen!

we freshened up the paint colors in the great room and the foyer/stairwell.  really, the whole main floor feels brand new now.

Thanks for putting up with my slightly bi-polar personality this week.  I will leave with you a quote from another birthday gift I received from a friend.  Each one of you Changing Room Chumps becomes a friend to me.  Thanks for making it easy for me to feel that way about you.

"Count your nights by stars, not shadows;
Count your life by smiles, not tears;
And with joy on every birthday morning,
Count your age by friends, not years".


Mrs. DenBesten said...

Would love to see a "before" picture- I am still thinking about painting my maple cabinets. What kind of paint did you use?

jillsloothaak said...

I am even more excited to meet you tomorrow after seeing this kitchen remodel! Gorgeous!! I can tell that we'll get along perfectly!

The Changing Room said...

Hi Kim..You should just go for it and paint those cabinets! We used Benjamin Moore's Ivory White and he sprayed them with a sprayer.

@Jill...thanks for the compliment and for having me over today! Of course we hit it off and I love ya already Chump! Hey, take a "before" of that wall and we'll blog the results, kay?

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