Monday, May 21, 2012

Chump Change

Okay Chumps. So, how do you like your new nickname?  One of my favorite "Junk Fairies" ( a friend who drops off amazing "junk" (SOOO not junk) in my garage every now and again, dubbed us "Chumps". Here's the explaination....

In Becca's Words:
"Momastery's followers are "Monkees". (See previous post) The Changing Room's follower's should be "Chumps" as in "Chump Change".   See definition below:

Noun 1. chump change - a trifling sum of money
chickenfeed, small change
cash, hard cash, hard currency - money in the form of bills or coins; "there is a desperate shortage of hard cash."

I don't take insult to it. Do you? As humiliating as it is to admit, I've earned the nickname "Crusty" among dear friends for my frugality over the years...Chump sounds way more approachable and friendly. I like it! 

We Changing Room Chumps take pride in our frugal finds.  We are not ashamed of dumpster-diving or garage sale-ing!  We will barter and haggle and niggle and pinch (pennies that is).  We are all about spending chump change-that ain't no thing....but ask us to break a twenty...oh no you don't! :)

I feel that it's an especially appropriate nickname for me, being a die-hard Zeeland Chick after all.  ("Chickenfeed...get it)? 

Sooo Cheers to being a Chump!

Speaking of chump change....check out the stuff in my booth at Not So Shabby that you can get for "a trifling sum of money"....


Okay, so this last piece isn't priced for an average 'Chump' but it's worth the pretty penny (ies) that we're asking for it.  It would be great for someone building a new house with 9-12 foot ceilings. 
 It is a Tommy Bahama Lexington brand armoire with linen upholstered interior shutter doors.  It's solid, hand-distressed and quite frankly....uuuuuuhhhhhmazing!! 

It was priced at $1,800, but just got marked down to $1,500.  It was originally $3,400.  No joke.
(Some of my junk fairies have realllllly, reallllly good taste)!

It's truly beautiful. Go check it out for yourself.  Can'tcha just picture it in your master bedroom to house your t.v. and undies? Oh, did I mention that it has lots of drawers and storage?

That's it for now, Chumps. Hope you're feelin' the love. 
PS-Here I am in the Chicken Suit. Go Chix!
Just Kidding.  I AM a loyal fan, but Brecken would've posed for a pic. if she thought that were me in there!

See, just to prove it wasn't me. :) (pic. on left)
Hey, you never know. It just might be something this chump might do.
Fellow Chump: "Would you dress up as a chicken for this collection of old vintage windows and doors?" 
Me: "Why, yes. I believe I would.


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