Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time for AA

Here's how our trip to Allegan Antiques started out this sunny Sunday afternoon.  We weren't completely naughty today. We did attend church this morning and were really in no big rush to get there. We were taking out own sweet time heading south until the two lane country road turned to four and my driver (husband) decided to pass a car pulling a camper. Accelerating to a little above 55mph :) the only person he managed to pass was a state trouper. Ugh and double ugh.
His impeccable driving record tarnished just a bit. The cop was gracious and only marked him for 5 over but it still took a little wind out of our sails...(paying the ticket will mean purchasing a few less treasures today) but the show must go on and we weren't about to miss it.
All in all, it ended being a beautiful day for junking. Here's a few things today that caught my eye. Didn't purchase much, but once again I loved taking in all the sights, smells and sounds of the day!

My girls didn't think this should make the blog.  Every booth today wasn't necessarily PG.

And this was classic.  Ken pointed out to me that apparently this dealer was having a hard time letting go of this part of his collection. Either that, or a customer was bonding rather quickly with his new purchase.
We had us some great people-watchin' today for sure!

Stop by my booth at Not So Shabby this week. I did buy some Hudsonville Creamery metal wire baskets that make great storage totes for books, magazines, etc. I'm also bringing this cute apron that my mom has been making out of repurposed men's shirts! More to come.
All in all, it was a wonderful Sabbath in spite of husband's ticket. We took the cop's advice he gave us while pleasantly shaking Ken's hand...."Do me favor and have a better day" he said. 
And we did.


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